Our Clients’ Favorite Spring Trails

At Chasing Epic, we’re always giving our take on which trails are the best and which ones we recommend… but what do our clients think?  We recently asked all of our spring clients to send us a brief email describing their favorite ride from their Chasing Epic trip.  Below are a handful of replies we received- some are what we expected, and some are a little surprising.  Take a look!



Little Creek Mesa (St. George) – Beautiful terrain with larger sections of slickrock and a mix of other surfaces, blooming wildflowers, perfect weather, fantastic views on the edge of the mesa and more confidence in the bike to ride the more technical areas of the trail. It all added up to one of the best days of riding.



For me the Gunny Loop trail (part of the Lunch Loops in Grand Junction) was the most fun trail of the trip. The climb was pretty mellow single track with great scenery and the downhill made it every bit worth it. The downhill was fast and flowy with a perfect mix of techy rock sections mixed in. The trail weaves left and right with banked corners and little built up rock jumps all over the place. All in all a trail that puts a huge smile on your face.



My favorite trail during our private trip to Fruita was Zippity Do Da. Letting go of the brakes and screaming down the steep hills was exhilarating.



My favorite trail was the one on the Lunch Loops right after we crossed Little Park Road onto Gunny Loop.  It was my favorite trail because it had a bunch of different features, fast and flowy with some good rock sections and great corners. The climbing was challenging but nothing too bad to get there and it was an awesome downhill.


The Hi-Line trail (in Sedona), while still being a very serious undertaking, is one of the more “doable” of the Sedona “Double-Black” trails. Just before the half-way point, your perseverance is rewarded with what is arguably one of the finest views in the Sedona area from the high point of the trail. It is also at this point in the ride, you can drop that seat and tighten up your pads and helmet, it is about to get “real”. The upper segment is a test of front braking prowess, the middle segment is a line choice pop-quiz, and the lower segment, well, it’s just fun as hell.


For me, I liked the ride we did on the last day in St. George the best- I think it was the Barrel Trail and Zen.  They had an awesome mix of climbing, technical features, and some of the most fun, fast downhills I’ve ridden.  The Zen Trail is kind of short (6.5 miles), but it’s one of the best St. George has to offer.


I know Zippity Do Da is the big ticket item in Fruita, but for me, I thought Joe’s Ridge to Lower Kessel was the best.  Joe’s Ridge has some really fast ridge-riding with incredible views of the valley, and Kessel Run gives you that Star Wars feeling of riding through an old drainage ditch as fast as your bike allows.  A perfect combination of riding built into about 3 miles of trail!
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AUTHOR: Steve Mokan

Steve is the owner (and founder) of Chasing Epic Mountain Bike Adventures, and contributes regularly to our blog. He's passionate about providing customers with incredible mountain bike vacations, and he loves photography and travel when he's not working. Truthfully, he loves those things when he is working too.