Physical Exertion:  Intermediate+   /   Technical Ability: Intermediate

Trip Category: High Country Epics


What to expect in Sun Valley: Long climbs, long descents, epic views and big days on the bike!


Sun Valley, Idaho sits at the foot of the Sawtooth Mountains, one of (if not the) most scenic mountain ranges in the United States.  The landscape and views alone are worth a visit to Sun Valley, but we tend to focus on the abundance of singletrack in the area.  With over 400 miles of trails, all interconnected and close to town, it’s yet another perfect Chasing Epic destination.

Between Sun Valley and north to Galena Pass, you’ll find big mountain riding with huge views, long climbs, and long descents that will have you grinning from ear to ear.  The topography lends itself to some amazing high-country riding, with long drainages, huge mountain ridges, and plenty of forests and flowers to keep things tip-top.  To the west of town is the true backcountry experience, where we’ll show you epic descents with not a soul in sight.  Then head south of town towards Hailey, and you’ll find the low-elevation rides like Greenhorn-Imperial, which are right up there with the best and offer some of the most fun 15-20 mile loops we’ve ridden anywhere.


By partnering with the local crew at Sun Valley Mountain Guides, we’re able to put together amazing itineraries that most folks can only dream of!  But make sure you bring your climbing legs and high-altitude lungs because we’ve got some big days planned!


Airport Options:  Sun Valley (10 minutes)  –  Boise (2.5 hrs)  –  SLC (4 hrs)

“Our trip was well organized with good, hard rides in a truly amazing location. But what set this experience apart for me was the guides – local guides who knew the area, the trails, the weather, and were clearly invested in their community. Our guides were patient, positive, and instructive. It felt very welcoming – just like a group ride with old friends – allowing me to connect to a new place in way I never would have experienced otherwise.”



Day One: On the first day of our Sun Valley trip, we’ll meet at the hotel at 1:00pm to get checked in and have everyone introduce themselves.  You’ll have a little time to unpack and gear up before meeting up with our guides to hit the trail.  Unless you have your own personal “feed kit”, there’s no need to worry about any of that since we’ve got you covered with plenty of energy and nutrition from Honey Stinger and Nuun.


 Our ride today will be up the road to hit the Galena Loops, an amazing network of singletrack flow trails at 8,000 feet that offers a glimpse of what’s to come.  Expect about 15 miles and 2000 feet of climbing today, more than enough to whet your appetite and earn that first post-ride beer!


Day Two:  Today’s ride is going to be BIG, so make sure you put in the miles leading up to your trip.  We’ll hop in our shuttle to head about 20 minutes north of town to the Baker Creek TH, where we’ll tackle Osberg Ridge and Oregon Gulch.


Most folks only do one or the other of Oregon and Osberg, so it’s pretty unusual to combine the two into an all-day epic.  The ride starts with a pretty steady climb up to Osberg’s ridgeline at about 9,000 feet, where we’ll get incredible singletrack and some of the best views you’ll ever see.  After a good amount of pedally flow and some descents thrown in, we’ll cut over to Oregon Gulch, where it’s a 6-mile descent down to the Big Wood River.  This is one you won’t forget- all in, expect a 25-mile ride with about 3,000 feet of climbing, but over 5,000 feet of descending thanks to our early-morning shuttle!

Day Three: EPIC ALERT!  Today’s ride will be both mind-blowing and limit-pushing, so be sure to eat a BIG breakfast this morning to fuel up for today’s adventure.  Our ride starts with another shuttle to the Baker Creek TH, where we’ll be dropped off for an all-day epic.


Starting up the same route as yesterday, after less than a mile we’ll quickly veer off onto Castle Creek, where we’re rewarded with an amazing 7-mile descent down the gulch (and along the creek) towards Warm Springs.  Go ahead, take a minute to wipe the smile off your face.  From there, we’ll have a pretty steady (and sometimes punchy) climb up the Warm Springs Trail to the top of Red Warrior, where we’ll get another HUGE descent… over 5 miles of flow that ends at the hot springs along the river.  Today’s ride will be around 24 miles with 2500 feet of climbing- maybe a bit more if we’re feeling frisky at the top of Red Warrior!  Post-ride beer and a soak, anyone?

Day Four:  This morning everyone is probably feeling it, so be sure to eat a hearty breakfast; just because it’s the last day doesn’t mean we’re going to take it easy.  For today’s ride, we’re going to head south of town to hit the Greenhorn-Imperial Loop- a favorite of both locals and visitors alike.  The ride starts with a pretty mellow climb of 1500 feet that gains the ridgeline, before traversing for a little bit to give you huge views and a layout of the landscape below.  The descent down Imperial is one to remember, with fast singletrack and big views.  Expect about 12-15 miles and 1800 vert today.


Once we’re finished with this morning’s ride, we’ll head back to our lodging to get everyone checked out.  The trip (sadly) will end by lunch time on the last day, in order to accommodate everyone that has to drive home or catch a flight.  NOTE: This itinerary is for example only, to give customers an idea of what to expect on a standard Chasing Epic trip.  Mileage and actual trail choices may differ due to riding ability, weather and trail conditions.

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