October 2016


Mountain Bike Tire Shootout: Maxxis vs. Schwalbe

As a group, mountain bikers are a very particular bunch:  we all have our favorite jersey, shorts, brakes, and of course tires.  What do we talk about over after-ride beers?  Well, of course we talk about the epic ride we just hammered out...


Photo Essay: Four Days in St. George and Hurricane

The St. George area of Utah is one of the most strikingly beautiful areas in the western US, and offers a huge array of mountain bike trails.  From classics like Gooseberry Mesa to virtual unknown areas where you won't see another soul for hours, the...


Three Types of Mountain Bike Rides

At Chasing Epic, we're lucky enough to ride just about all of the top trails in the desert southwest and Rocky Mountains:  for the most part, that means we've "seen it all".  From 25 mile epics in Crested Butte to the short-and-sweet Zen Trail in...