April 2016


Three Ways to Step Up Your Game

Author: Nick Swanson: Owner and Coach for Through the Wall Training, LLC Have you ever wondered how that riding buddy of yours is always so much stronger than you on climbs, or seems to have an extra gear in his or her legs compared to you? ...


Earn $1,000 For Your Local IMBA Chapter!

At Chasing Epic, we pride ourselves on supporting the organizations that are making a difference in the mountain biking community; one of the main reasons Chasing Epic was started was to provide a way to be involved in trail advocacy and helping local communities increase...

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2016 Destination Comparison

I've received a handful of emails over the last few weeks asking how one of our locations compares to another, or how I would rate a specific destination when it comes to technical and aerobic (read: climbing and distance) level.  A recent email- thanks Dale-...