Training Program

The Journey… and the Destination


We’re stoked to announce that beginning with our 2024 trips, we are including a professionally-developed training program for all Chasing Epic customers!  We know that our trips are difficult- they’re designed that way, they’re designed to push your limits physically and/or technically.  That said, we want to support you in the journey to becoming a better rider and being able to enjoy our trips even more, and we believe that starts with a solid foundation.


Over the last several months, we’ve been working with Coach Mike Durner (more info on Coach Mike below) to develop multiple plans that are appropriate for a large majority of our customers, across all of our trips.  It will help you establish the base fitness, conditioning, strength and understanding needed to crush every trip you book from now on.  We’re also including options for you to take things a step further with one-on-one coaching and training with Coach Mike, if you have a bigger event or race on the calendar.  How does it all work?  Well….

What’s Included?


Each training plan will have multiple elements for you to utilize including a focused ride/training plan, recovery schedule, lifting strategy and core work.  Each of the two plans will be specific to the time of year, and emphasize how you should build different aspects of your training accordingly.   Ideally, it can be a blueprint for you to use all off-season into the main riding season.  And if you’re looking for more, we’ve worked out special discounts with Coach Mike for more intense coaching and Training Peaks plan integration (see below).  As part of your trip, each of our Chasing Epic clients will receive:


Winter Plan, sent out in mid-November

– Group Zoom call with Coach Mike and the Chasing Epic team in mid-December to explain training plan details

– Spring/Summer Plan sent out in early March

– Group Zoom call with Coach Mike in late March to talk about attacking the spring & summer

– Late Spring (late May) check in on Zoom to answer follow-up questions about summer riding

– 15% off 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Coach Mike

– 10% off static Training Peaks plans

About Coach Mike


Mike is a USAC Level 1 Coach and NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach.  Immediately after graduating with his Masters in Exercise Physiology from Kansas State, he joined the coaching team at Carmichael Training Systems, where he had the opportunity and privilege to work alongside some of the U.S’s most accomplished coaches full time from 2006 until December 2010 and again as a contract coach from 2015 to 2018.  In 2010, Mike took the opportunity to join the coaching staff of U.S. Paralympic Cycling, working as a full-time coach until the end of the 2015 season. He continues to work as National Team Coach for Paralympic Cycling to present day. From 2016 through 2019, he was coach for USA Cycling’s Western Region Jr. Mountain Bike Talent Development Camp.


In 2018 Mike took the opportunity to serve in the Head Coach role for Mind Right Endurance. At Mind Right, he mentored cycling and multisport coaches until July 2023. He is currently developing his own business, Durner Performance, and continues to work with athletes across the road, gravel, track, XC, and enduro disciplines. He continues to enjoy riding the mountain bike and improving his skills on that bike.


Training Philosophy:  Durner Performance has two focus points. First, embracing the process. Learning why we are doing certain skills work, intervals, long rides, or recovery weeks and being confident with small daily improvements that are sometimes difficult to see. The second piece is consistency. It’s not always possible to nail each workout as described in the plan, but completing part of each day’s planned tasks is important. By doing this you have helped solidify your routine which will lead to the improvements you’re looking for.


Athlete Results: Leadville 100 Big Buckles, Leadville 100 Age Group Podium, Dakota Five – O Overall Podium, Breck Epic Singlespeed Champion, Singlespeed National Champ, Breck Epic, BCBR, Singletrack 6, Moab Rocks Podium finishes.  Go Nuts Enduro Series AG Champion

Training Program FAQs


Do I have to use the training program?

  • Absolutely not.  This training program is purely voluntary, and it’s something we provide our clients to increase the available resources for MTB training.  Plenty of folks have their own training programs that work great, and if you’re one of them, there’s no reason to switch.  We recommend you check it out at least, as there may be elements you can integrate into your specific plan.


What if I sign up after the Winter or Spring/Summer plan is sent out?

  • No problem at all- we’ll include the most recent plan with your confirmation email, and you can pick it up ASAP.  We’re also happy to answer any questions you might have about the plan as you get started.


I’m new to using a specific training plan, how do I get started?

  • Between the specific programs themselves and our “start up” Zoom call, we hope to provide you with enough information, background, and detail to get started whenever you have the time.


How is the Winter plan different than the Spring/Summer plan?

  • For us, Winter is all about establishing a base level of fitness and getting stronger.  So the Winter plan will focus on easier “Zone 2” rides that build your fitness level, with the occasional interval or hard ride mixed in.  The weight/core plan will be more intense in the winter as you have more time to build strength, whereas the Spring/Summer plan will be more maintenance-focused when it comes to strength work.  Additionally, the Spring/Summer plan will start to ramp up the intensity and length of your rides as you build up towards your specific trip (or other event).


Do I need any specific equipment for the plans?

  • Not exactly, although it’ll certainly help.  There are plenty of core/strength exercises you can do with simple body weight and basic equipment, but it always helps to have access to free weights or machines.  On the bike/fitness side, it’s ideal if you have access to a trainer or spin bike (if you can’t go outside), but you can always tough it out and ride your MTB/road bike outside!