Physical Exertion:  Intermediate+   /   Technical Ability: Advanced


What to expect in Brevard:  Lots of everything!  Long rides in Dupont with flowy goodness, and super tech in Pisgah!


Brevard sits in a beautiful valley in western North Carolina, nestled nicely in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Located right between Dupont State Forest and Pisgah National Forest, there’s more riding here than you could cover in weeks, much less a 4-day trip.  The key word when it comes to the riding in Brevard is “diverse”: you’re going to get it all when you come to Brevard with Chasing Epic.  With a perfect mix of flow and tech, this location truly has it all.

On the south side of town you’ll find Dupont State Forest, which offers days worth of smooth, fast, and flowy singletrack sure to keep you grinning from ear to ear.  But don’t let your guard down- there are plenty of surprises with the riding in Dupont, with sections of east coast slickrock, kickers, and tech to keep you on your toes.  In Pisgah National Forest, just a few minutes north of town, you’ll see what east coast technical riding is all about: from the uber-tech trails like Black Mountain and Bennett Gap to the intermediate-level stuff like Daniel Ridge and Sycamore Cove, this is our favorite place to ride east of the Rockies.  Join us, and you’ll see why.


By partnering with the guides at Red Wolf, we’re able to put together amazing itineraries that most folks can only dream of!  But make sure you bring your A-game, we’ll push you to the limit in Brevard!


Airport Options:  Asheville (1 hour)  –  Charlotte (2 hrs)

“Steve is always thinking about how to improve that customer experience and cater it to the things that will put a smile on your face. I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied quite frankly with my Fall trip to Crested Butte, it was truly outstanding. From the hotel, to the guide, to the trail selection and little extras that made it all such an epic experience. I couldn’t recommend this company more, go big go Epic.”



Day One: On the first day of our Brevard trip, we’ll meet at the hotel at 1:00pm to get checked in and have everyone introduce themselves.  You’ll have a little time to unpack and gear up before meeting up with our guides to hit the trail.  Unless you have your own personal “feed kit”, there’s no need to worry about any of that since we’ve got you covered with plenty of energy and nutrition from Skratch Labs and Clif Bar.


 Our ride today will be right from our accommodations, as we head up the road into Pisgah National Forest for a little “sampler” of what’s to come.  Don’t worry, we’ll take it easy on you today to make sure you’re still pedaling on Day 4!  Expect a 10-12 mile loop including classics like Sycamore Cove and potentially Daniel Ridge, before riding back into town for a post-ride beer and catered dinner.


Day Two:  Today’s ride is going to be BIG, so make sure you put in the miles leading up to your trip.  We’ll head about 15 minutes south of town to hit Dupont State Forest, which has more flow than you’ll find just about anywhere else.  Our guides know these trails like the back of their hand, which is good because there are SO many miles and options available.


Our ride today will include some of the classics in Dupont like Ridgeline, Airstrip, and Rocky Ridge, and we’ll combine everything for a solid 20-25 mile ride including about 3000 feet of climbing.  The trails here are tight with flowy singletrack winding through the pines and rhododendrons, so make sure you pay attention as you’re cruising down the trail!  Dupont is known for its many waterfalls as well, so you can be sure our lunch break will include a stop to check out one of our favorites.

Day Three: EPIC ALERT!  Today’s ride will push you beyond your limits, but we promise you’ll thank us afterwards.  Be sure to fuel up with a BIG breakfast that will give you plenty of energy to keep riding beyond what you thought possible.  You’re going to need it.  We hope you brought your technical skills with you, because the best of Pisgah will push you beyond what you thought possible.  We’re not kidding.


Today’s ride will include a quick shuttle up one of the many National Forest service roads to knock off some climbing, but don’t be fooled- we’ll still put in some big vertical.  The climbing in Pisgah is typically done on fire roads, and the descents come in the form of super technical, rooty and rocky trails.  Today we’ll combine the tough trails like Bennett Gap, Avery Creek, and Black Mountain – expect some bumps and bruises, even for the best of us.  Expect about 20 miles with a solid 2500-3000 feet of climbing.  After a full day of riding in Pisgah, that post-ride beer will be well-deserved!

Day Four:  This morning we’re heading back to Dupont, but this time it’s to sample some of the east coast slickrock on trails like Cedar Rock, Burnt Mountain, and Big Rock.  To us, this is the perfect way to finish off a Brevard trip, especially after the Pisgah beatdown we endured the day before.  We’ll see the “other side” of Dupont today, with lots of fun kickers, technical features, and slickrock along with more wide open views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Typically you’ll see a good 12-15 mile ride on our last day here.


Once we’re finished with this morning’s ride, we’ll head back to our lodging to get everyone checked out.  The trip (sadly) will end by lunch time on the last day, in order to accommodate everyone that has to drive home or catch a flight.  NOTE: This itinerary is for example only, to give customers an idea of what to expect on a standard Chasing Epic trip.  Mileage and actual trail choices may differ due to riding ability, weather and trail conditions.