Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a maximum number of customers on each trip?

Yes, we limit all of our trips to 10-12 customers. If a trip has reached the maximum number of bookings, then we’ll begin taking wait-list customers in case we have a cancellation.

Is there a minimum age required for Chasing Epic trips?

For liability reasons if you’re traveling alone, we require our customers to be 18 years old.  If you’re coming on a trip with your parent or legal guardian, then you have to be 15 years old.  We ask that the child be mature enough to be with adults all day, and that they’re a good enough rider to not hold anyone back during the rides.  

What kind of accommodations will be included?

As noted on the What’s Included page, we understand the need for clean, comfortable lodging after a long ride and we love the idea of community.  Therefore, a majority of the time we’ll be staying in very nice condos or townhomes, with one designated as the central gathering place for meals, hanging out, and apres-activities.  In some locations that’s not possible, so we’ll stay in spacious hotel rooms and will have a large community space for meals and post-ride debauchery.

Which meals are included?  What if I have dietary restrictions?

All breakfasts and dinners are included in your trip: from dinner on the first night to breakfast on the last day.  We will either go out to dinner/breakfast as a group, or we will have the meal catered at the house or condo.  Alcohol is not included other than a post-ride beer, you’re responsible for your own alcohol/liquor tab at all restaurants.   For our full day rides, we will either provide you with pre-made wraps or sandwiches, or provide you with supplies to make your own to bring on the ride.  Please plan ahead if you want something other than a basic sandwich or wrap.

For anyone with dietary restrictions, simply let us know prior to the trip and we will cater to your request.  There is an opportunity to mention it when you book your trip as well.

Will I get my own room?

All trips are booked as double-occupancy, so expect to share a spacious room with another rider (same gender matching only).  We do have single supplements available for $450/pp for our 5-day trips.

If I purchase a single supplement, can I bring my family?

Not necessarily.  You’re welcome to bring along your spouse or partner, assuming they’re OK spending all day and night by themselves while we’re out riding, eating, and having a good time.  That said, we do not allow children- of any age- on our trips or in the rooms we book for our clients.  Single supplements should be used to provide privacy and a little quiet time for our customers during our 5-day adventures.

I need a hotel the night before my trip, do you have recommendations?

Yes we do.  We’ll typically suggest you stay in the same hotel for the extra night (or two), but we can also recommend lodging in other areas if you want to explore before or after your trip.  We can even hook you up with local guides and/or rides in those areas.

I read that you include high-end demo bikes with all of your trips, is that true?  Is everyone guaranteed a bike?

Yes, we have high-end demo bikes included with each one of our booked Chasing Epic trips, with the exception of our BC-based Sea to Sky trips.  Each year we purchase new demo bikes in the spring so we have the latest and greatest- check out the details on our demo bike page.  As you know, it’s hard to carry the exact quantity of sizes and models to fit every customer on every trip, so there will be limited availability accordingly.  To guarantee you get the bike you want, be sure to book early and correspond with us immediately to reserve your bike.

Your demo bikes are awesome, but I want to bring my own bike.  Will I get a discount on my trip?

We understand that some of our customers- however crazy it might sound- want to ride their own bikes instead of our incredible demos.  Not a problem!  For customers not utilizing our demo fleet, we offer a small discount on the price of your trip:  $200 off our trip price.  To take advantage of this discount, use the following code at checkout:  NOBIKE4

I need to make arrival plans for Day One of my trip, what can I expect?

For each of our trips, we’ll send out an itinerary about a week prior to your arrival with more information on where and when to meet as a group on Day One.  For our 5-day trips, we will meet around 5-6pm on the first day to give you plenty of time to arrive at the location that day.  We’ll do bike setups, introductions, and a welcome dinner that night before heading out for a full-day ride on the second day.


For departure plans, expect to be finished with the trip by 1-2:00pm on the last day.  We’ll still hammer out a good ride that day, so you’ll be tired!

Are guide tips included in the trip price?

Tipping is not included in the price of your Chasing Epic trip.  Our guides bust their butts to make sure every trip is unique and special; if you have a great time, feel free to tip the guides for their efforts.  There is no pressure to tip, however; we’ll leave it up to you to decide on an appropriate amount.  We will collect tips on the last night of the trip (as a group) and will present it to them on the last day.  


Can I bring my e-bike with me on the trip?

No, we do not allow e-bikes on any of our trips for multiple reasons.

What should I bring on my trip?

Whether you’re on one of our desert southwest or Rocky Mountain high-altitude trips, we recommend that you come prepared for varied weather conditions.  That means layers, and over-preparing for weather that is oftentimes unpredictable and can swing 30-40 degrees in a matter of an hour.

  • Multiple short-sleeve bike shirts/jerseys
  • Bike shorts (with chamois)
  • Light long-sleeve base layer shirt
  • Light rain jacket
  • Full-finger bike gloves
  • Multiple pairs of bike socks (not cotton!)
  • Sunglasses
  • Bike shoes (flats or clipless)
  • Personal lunch choice (if you want something other than energy bars, gels, mixes)

Additionally, when riding desert or high-mountain terrain, bikes tend to take a beating.  We recommend making sure your bike is tuned, your suspension has been checked, and the bike is in good working condition prior to departing.  Don’t wait until the last minute to check small things that can ruin a ride.  

  • Your bike 
  • Backpack with 2-3 liter hydration reservoir
  • Your pedals and saddle (your choice on the saddle, bikes currently have WTB Silverado saddles)
  • Helmet
  • Camera (optional)

Finally, in terms of nutrition: as mentioned on the “What’s Included” page, we partner with Skratch Labs and Honey Stinger to provide our clients with the best options in riding nutrition.  We’ll have a wide variety of products, and plenty of it to keep you going all day long.  If you prefer to bring your own lunch or nutrition, that’s perfectly acceptable as well.

What if the weather is bad?

Unfortunately we can’t control the weather.  If the weather is bad for part of the trip, we’ll do our best to find an area where the trails are rideable.  A few miles typically make a big difference in weather patterns in the mountains.  

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is listed on our Pricing page, but in short:

  • 75% refund 90+ days in advance
  • 40% refund 45-90 days in advance
  • No refund less than 45 days in advance

Additionally, we always try to be flexible and accommodating with refunds when possible: if we’re able to backfill your canceled spot, then we’ll work with you on a future trip credit or a larger percentage back to you.

What kind of shape should I be in?  What kind of rides will we be doing?

Our guided mountain bike trips are developed for the intermediate to advanced mountain biker.  Typically, that means you can expect to ride around 15-25 miles per day with a decent amount of climbing (anywhere from 2-4K’, depending on location).  Additionally, we’re always “chasing epic” just like you, so expect to ride the best of the best.  These trips will be tough, but they’re also very rewarding and we promise, the juice is always worth the squeeze.

How technically difficult are the rides?

It depends.  Some of the rides- like The Whole Enchilada- have very technically difficult sections where most riders walk their bikes.  Some, like the Lupine Trail in Crested Butte, are smooth and buff and aren’t technical at all.  In general, anyone with above-average technical skills will be able to ride 80% of the terrain.  The better your tech skills, however, the more you’ll enjoy what we have to offer!

I’ve heard about acclimatizing to the altitude, is that a real thing?

Yes, 100%.  If you’re coming in from sea level to ride in the mountains of Colorado or Utah, we recommend coming in at least a day early to get used to the altitude.  Climbing at higher elevations tends to make your lungs feel like they’re on fire.  This is NOT something to take lightly.

How many guides are on each trip?  Do the trips break up into ability groups?

Our maximum guest to guide ratio is 6:1, and we plan accordingly.  Additionally, we also have a seasoned trip coordinator with each group, who is there to help with logistics, answer questions, help with mechanicals, etc.  For larger trips, we always try to break into smaller groups based on riding ability.

How is transportation handled on the trips?

All of our customers are required to provide their own transportation (car rental, shuttle, taxi, Uber) to/from the initial trip meeting location.  Once you’re at the initial meetup location, we’ll handle all transportation to/from trailheads, restaurants, etc. with our guide and trip leader vehicles plus utilization of shuttle vans for bigger groups.  Occasionally customers want their own vehicle to run to the store or check out a local sight- not a problem!

I’m a true beginner mountain biker, can I still go on one of your trips?

Our trips are targeted for intermediate to advanced riders, so unfortunately beginners probably won’t enjoy the experience quite as much.  We recommend getting some more experience under your belt before joining us for one of our epic trips.


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