WHISTLER, BC (Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton)

Physical Exertion: Int-Adv   /   Technical Ability: Advanced


What to expect for our Whistler trip: Technical trails with crazy lines, slabs, rocks, roots and lots of flow.  Bring your A-game, this trip can challenge even the best riders.

This trip will challenge even the best riders with some of the most incredible purpose-built trails you’ve ever laid eyes on.  In addition to the slabs and steeps of Squamish, we’re now adding the steep raw trails of Whistler and the big-mountain rugged descents in Pemberton too.  Over the course of 5 days of riding, you’ll be challenged with lines you could only dream of, but trust us- you’ll absolutely love it.


For this trip we’ll be based in Whistler; the plan over five days of riding will be to spend two in Whistler, two in Squamish, and one in Pemberton… to us, the perfect combination of each location, and it’ll allow us to show you the best of the best without hurrying through the trail systems.  The diversity of trails in the Sea to Sky corridor is something we’ve been admiring for years, and once we sampled the goods in Squamish back in 2022, we knew we had to bring you back for more.  With this trip, we’ve made that leap.  We’re partnering with our friends at Arbutus Routes for the guiding element of this trip, to make sure we have the local knowledge of how to combine the best of the best!


This trip is for advanced to expert riders only.  The trails we ride are gnarly, steep, technical and fast.  Expect large slabs, consistently steep terrain, big exposure, man-made features, and just about anything else you can dream of.  This trip is all about the descents, although we will have to climb to earn our turns.  We’ll start one Squamish day with a shuttle, but otherwise expect to climb 2-3,000′ over the course of each day’s ride.


Airport Options:  Vancouver, BC (1 hour)  –  Seattle (4 hours)

Interactive Sea to Sky Trail Map

Expected 2024 Itinerary

Day One:  Arrival day!  Expect to arrive in Whistler by 5:30pm for a brief introduction, bike setup/build, and a welcome dinner and drinks at our lodging for the week.  We’ll give you a breakdown of our trip itinerary, let you know what’s coming, and have everyone ready to go for the first day of riding tomorrow!

Day Two:  Time to get a taste of the Whistler trails… and we don’t mean their world-famous bike park!  Expect a morning warmup on some of the more mellow blues before heading over to the “slab practice area”, where we’ll dial in our skills before a quick lunch stop back at the townhomes.  The afternoon will likely be spent on the west side of the valley on trails like Chipmunk Rebellion, Working Class, AC/DC and Butterflies & Flowers.  It’ll get real… real fast.

Day Three: Squamish (Diamond Head). This morning we’ll head about 35 minutes south of Whistler to Squamish, where we’ll get a taste of steeps, tech, and world-class flow.  The morning will likely be spent on a pedal lap up to some of the flow trails like Half Nelson and Full Nelson before getting into some tech and steeps.  After a quick break for lunch, we’ll hop on the Shred Shuttle for a 2000′ bump to the top of the trail system, and we’ll crush trails in the afternoon like 19th Hole, Ditch Pig and Pseudo Tsuga.  It’s the perfect combination of everything you want in a day of riding.

Day Four: Pemberton (Mackenzie Trails). Today we’ll drive half an hour north to the sleepy town of Pemberton, BC… but make sure you’re ready for raw, rugged steeps!  The trails in “Pemby” are know for being more natural and “big mountain” style, with typically longer descents and steep, loose terrain.  Expect an easier black trail like Indy or Bob Gnarly for a warmup, but then we’ll get into it with legit descents like Rusty Trombone, Creampuff, Overnight Sensation, and Meat Grinder. After lunch, we’ll get the group back up for a “rider’s choice” of tech or steep flow, because Pemberton has it all!

Day Five: Squamish (Alice Lake).  Heading back down to Squamish today, we’ll be sampling the tech, steeps and slabs of the Alice Lake zone.  Starting off with an awesome warmup lap on a trail like Rupert or Pampelmousse before getting into the legit goods like In N Out, Entrails, and Boney Elbows.  If the group can handle it, Alice Lake can serve it up.  These trails will push you, but it’s so awesome to see our riders step up to the challenge!

Day Six: Whistler/Blackcomb Laps.  This morning caps our last day of riding for the trip, and we’ll spend it in Whistler; expect to ride until around 1pm today, which should give you plenty of time to hit the road for an afternoon or evening flight out of Vancouver.  You’ll find some of the best steep tech on the Blackcomb side of the mountain, and we’ll aim to hit one or two of the trails this morning as part of our ride.  It’s a STIFF climb for about an hour, but trust us… it’s totally worth it.  Dark Crystal, Hey Bud and Crazy Train are all an incredible combination of steep, raw, rugged, slabs, and just about everything else you can dream of.