February 2019


Ibis Ripmo: One Bike To Rule Them All?

About the reviewer:  Bill leads multiple trips each year for Chasing Epic, mostly in Sun Valley, Moab and Fruita.  Bill has been racing off-road motorcycles since he was a kid; his racing career has given him the opportunity to travel the US and most of Europe....


Guide Focus: St. George, UT

In the latest edition of our "Guide Focus" series, we'll get a closer look at the guys who run the show in St. George, Monte and Jake.  Monte is the owner of Utah Mountain Biking Adventures and our main man on the ground, while Jake...


Face-off Series: Fruita vs. Brevard

Several times a year, we get calls or emails from clients interested in multiple trips to compare destinations for them.  How does Fruita compare to Moab?  How does Crested Butte compare to Sun Valley?  Where does St. George fit in?  We get it, there are...