February 2016


Singletrack Enlightenment in Sedona, AZ

Sedona is a very special- and unique- place.  With the towering red rock formations surrounding the town, it's clearly one of the most beautiful places in the United States.  Just ask Vanessa Hudgens after her recent incident.  That being said, there's an interesting mix of...


Will Canon City be the Next Fruita?

Canon City, Colorado is a blip on most folks' radar, as the town isn't known for much of anything other than having the Royal Gorge bridge and train (and white water rafting, FWIW) just to the west of town. However, the town is trying to...


Understanding Energy Systems and the Fuel They Use

Author: Nick Swanson, Owner and Coach of Through the Wall Training, LLC In my last article I wrote about the timing of food and how it impacts our recovery and performance.  It is important to understand the energy systems in the body before going into detail...

fruita mountain biking 18 road zippity

Featured Trail: Zippity-Do-Da in Fruita, CO

Yes, the trail is as much fun as the name.   The 18 Road trails in Fruita (aka the North Fruita Desert trails) are nearly world famous for their layout and fun-factor, and Zippity Do Da is the masterpiece "must ride" trail of the entire...


Announcing our 2016 Demo Fleet: Ibis and Niner!

After much deliberation and careful consideration of several factors, we're excited to announce the fleet of demo bikes our customers will have access to on all of our 2016 trips.  If you haven't checked out our "What's Included" page yet, Chasing Epic includes amazing high-end demo...