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Comparing Our 2017 Spring Destinations

The Chasing Epic spring destination lineup reads like a bucket list of every mountain biker's must-visit locations; honestly, that's because it is.  With Fruita (and Grand Junction), Moab, Sedona and St. George, we've got all the spring and fall riding you need for the rest...


Three Types of Mountain Bike Rides

At Chasing Epic, we're lucky enough to ride just about all of the top trails in the desert southwest and Rocky Mountains:  for the most part, that means we've "seen it all".  From 25 mile epics in Crested Butte to the short-and-sweet Zen Trail in...


Announcing our 2017 Trip Dates

In the middle of a successful 2016 trip season, we're excited to announce the dates for our 2017 trips!  Over the last several months, you spoke and we listened: All 2017 trips are now four days in length, allowing for more incredible riding!  Start getting...


Top Pictures of the Spring

As you can likely tell from the quality of images on the Chasing Epic website, photography is very important to us and plays a role in every one of our trips.  On virtually every trip, our trip leaders (some of whom are professional or serious...


Fruita: 40+ Miles in 24 Hours

I recently managed to carve out a couple of days to "get away" with a friend to ride Fruita over a couple of days.  Knowing that time was short and the weather was perfect, we wanted to get as much riding in as possible over...

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Featured Trail: Zippity-Do-Da in Fruita, CO

Yes, the trail is as much fun as the name.   The 18 Road trails in Fruita (aka the North Fruita Desert trails) are nearly world famous for their layout and fun-factor, and Zippity Do Da is the masterpiece "must ride" trail of the entire...