Our Demo Bikes

We are super excited to announce our 2024 demo fleet; we’ll be partnering with Transition!  Our goal with partnering with a single bike company going forward is to develop more of a relationship and extending the opportunities to both of our rider bases, and ideally bringing more folks together on Transition bikes and Chasing Epic trips… we’re excited to see where the future goes!


For 2024 we’ll be carrying a true trail bike and one of the best enduro bikes on the market: the 140f/140r Smuggler and the 160f/150r Sentinel, and all builds will have high-level kits (see full specs below)… which means carbon frames, SRAM Eagle drivetrains, Fox Performance Elite suspension, SRAM Code or TRP brakes, OneUp droppers, and Maxxis EXO+ tires.

Smuggler: 140F/130R Travel

The Smuggler was brand new in spring of 2023 and was very highly-reviewed as a true trail bike that can punch above its weight when needed.  With a slack HTA and steeper STA, this bike will be the perfect choice for most of our Chasing Epic trips   HTA: 65*, STA: 78*.


Expected Build Specs:

  • 140mm Fox 34 Performance Elite Grip2
  • Fox Float X Performance Elite shock
  • SRAM GX T-Type 12-spd drivetrain
  • SRAM Code Silver Stealth 4-piston brakes with 200/180 rotors
  • OneUp 150/180/210mm dropper
  • RaceFace Aeffect wheels w/ Maxxis EXO+ tires, tubeless

Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large, XL

Sentinel: 160F/150R Travel

We’ve put the Sentinel through the ringer- long descents in BC and the Monarch Crest, big rides in Colorado, and some of the most technical stuff you can shake a stick at.  To us, this bike is a perfect balance of trail and enduro; meaning it’s at home on big rides, but provides enough travel for when you need it.  This bike will be popular on rides like the Sea to Sky and Monarch Crest, but we’re not afraid to take this on big days in places like CB or Durango either.  HTA: 63.6*, STA: 77*.


Expected Build Specs:

  • 160mm Fox 36 Performance Elite GRIP2
  • Fox Float X Performance Elite
  • SRAM GX 12-spd drivetrain
  • TRP DH-R EVO 4-piston brakes with 203 rotors
  • OneUp V2 Dropper 150/180/210mm
  • Raceface Aeffect Wheels with Maxxis EXO+ tires, tubeless

Sizes Available: Medium, Large, XL

So… Which bike for which trip?  That’s a good question, and one we get quite often.  To be 100% honest, the answer is almost always: it depends.  Obviously the 140mm travel Smuggler is going to be a more efficient climber for trips like Sun Valley, Crested Butte and Durango- but the Sentinel is no slouch, and is a pretty damn nimble enduro bike.  So if you’re comfortable on the descents but want a slightly better climber, then go with the regular Smuggler.  But if you’re super fit and want a little more travel to make the descents more fun, then choose the Sentinel!  Both of these bikes have geometries that allow them to handle just about everything you throw at them.


The one exception to “it depends”, in our eyes, is our new Sea to Sky trip in BC.  For this trip, the terrain is most definitely rowdy, steep and technical enough to warrant a full-on enduro bike for everyone.  So if you choose to use one of our bikes for that trip, definitely go with the Sentinel!