Featured Trail: Zippity-Do-Da in Fruita, CO

fruita mountain biking 18 road zippity

Yes, the trail is as much fun as the name.   The 18 Road trails in Fruita (aka the North Fruita Desert trails) are nearly world famous for their layout and fun-factor, and Zippity Do Da is the masterpiece “must ride” trail of the entire network.  The trail can be ridden one of two ways: either as a loop in combination with Western Zippity,  or as an “out and back” climbing up the main dirt road or Prime Cut.

fruita mountain biking 18 road western zippity

We’ve done both, and don’t necessarily have a favorite.  The loop is great if you want to put in a few more miles and enjoy the scenery on Western Zippity, plus it adds a few more ups and downs before you get to the main Zippity trail.  The out-bad-back option is super fun as well, since you get to enjoy the downhill time even more.  Our secret?  Find a friend with a 4-bike hitch rack or a truck, and run shuttles… you can do laps in under 30 minutes this way.  If you come on one of our Fruita trips, you’ll see what we mean.


The trail itself features mostly smooth, flowy singletrack that climbs and drops more steeply than you’re probably used to.  In fact, there aren’t many places in the western US where you can ride down a trail as smooth and fast as Zippity.

18 road fruita mountain biking chasing epic zippity

It’s not all steep spines and super fast drops.  Zippity also includes some wide open riding atop the mesas that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

fruita mountain biking 18 road zippity

Want to make it even better?  Ride the trail at sunset when the views are incredible and you can see for over 100 miles.

mountain biking fruita 18 road zippity

The Details:

Where to ride: 18 Road Trails

Where to eat when you’re done: Hot Tomato Pizza

Where to go when your bike needs work: Over the Edge Fruita

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