Photo Essay: Wrapping up Trips in Whistler, BC

Last week we finished up two consecutive Whistler trips, each with five days of killer riding across three locations: Whistler (two days), Squamish (two days), and Pemberton.  Between the two groups we managed to cover quite a range of trails, from blue flow trails all the way up to steep double black tech and slab trails!  The riding between the locations is quite different, and the variety of trails you’ll encounter on this trip is incredible from day to day.

We did our best to capture the riding on each trip and combine them into one photo essay:  follow below to get a rundown of each day, the riders’ favorite trails, and the best images from the trip!


Day 1: Whistler Warmup and West Side

On the first day of our Whistler trips, we always start out with an easy 5-6 mile warmup ride in the Lost Lake area: this gives our travel-weary riders a chance to loosen up, get used to the bikes, and get a feel for some mellow BC terrain.  Later that morning we head over to the “Cut Yer Bars” area for some practice on slabs, brake control, and general body positioning on tougher and steeper terrain.

After a lunch stop back at the condos, we head into our first real ride of the trip on Whistler’s West Side.  The terrain can get intense quickly (steep blacks and double blacks), but there’s also some super fun blue-rated tech to ease folks into it for the week… the choice is up to your group!


Favorite Trails: Chipmunk Rebellion, AC/DC, Bush Doctor, Working Class






Day 2: Squamish Diamond Head Trails

On the second day, we typically head down to Squamish to ride the Diamond Head trails (although due to rain on the first trip, we switched day 2 & 3) – these trails offer world-class flow trails, steep tech, and some funky woodwork too!  In the afternoon we hitch a ride with the Shred Shuttle for a free 2000′ “bump” to the top of the trail system and drop into P-nuts Wild Ride, which is a steep black tech trail that was made even spicier with recent rain!


Favorite Trails: Half Nelson, Angry M, Ditch Pig, Pseudo Tsuga






Day 3: Pemberton Mackenzie Trails

Pemberton is typically drier, warmer, and steeper than most of the riding in the Sea to Sky corridor… did we mention looser and more technical too?  That said, the trails we choose for each group are totally appropriate for the skill level (since there are so many options), and offer a great opportunity to expand your skills and ride new features and sections of trail.

On both trips, we hit the proverbial jackpot with weather, as recent rain tamped down the moondust and created near-perfect conditions for everyone.  Honestly, we’ve never seen such incredible trails on both trips!  One thing to remember, as you’ll likely be swearing at us on the climbs in Pemby: the small bit of suffering is ALWAYS worth the payoff, as the trails here are incredible and the descents seem to go on forever!


Favorite Trails: Rusty Trombone, Hawaii, Crosstown Traffic, Psyclepath





Day 4: Squamish Alice Lake

Time to level up… the trails in Alice Lake are everything you’ve read, seen (likely on YouTube), and heard about.  There are slab trails here that will blow your mind, steep tech that will challenge just about anyone, and lines you didn’t think possible to ride.  That said, there are also some of the most fun blue and black tech/flow trails you’ll likely ever ride like Pampelmousse and Rupert.  Honestly, there’s something for everyone here regardless of skill level.

This second day in Squamish is always a crowd favorite as the trails are so unique: and if you’re up to the challenge, there’s something to challenge everyone.






Day 5: Whistler Blackcomb Trails

Last day of the trip, and today is typically a grab bag of trail options… how much do you have left in the tank, and what kind of trails do you want to ride?  If you’ve got legs and lungs to spare, then we’ll likely make the climb up Blackcomb to ride a steep black tech trail like Hey Bud, Microclimate, or Dark Crystal.  If the first four days of riding beat you down and you want to take it easy, then we’ll head to the south side of town and ride the Cheakamus trails.  We’re always flexible and can deliver on whatever you’re feeling for departure day!



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AUTHOR: Steve Mokan

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