Physical Exertion: Int-Adv   /   Technical Ability: Advanced


What to Expect in Moab:  Uber technical riding, technical climbing, and technical descents – come prepared!


Moab is truly an outdoor paradise- sitting in the middle of one of the most unique landscapes you’ll ever see, it offers something for just about every type of adventurist.  First and foremost, it’s one of the top mountain biking destinations in the world, making it a must-ride for any hardcore mountain biker.  Before coming to Moab, make sure your technical skills are tip-top, because Moab has trails that humble even the most accomplished riders.  From flowing singletrack to exposed, rocky cliffs that will make your jaw drop, Moab offers enough trails to keep you busy for weeks.  Including world famous trails like The Whole Enchilada, Mag-7, Slickrock, and Amasa Back, the riding here will leave you wanting to come back again, and again, and again.


Moab still offers some legitimate climbing, but most of the terrain is rolling in nature, with shorter, challenging descents and meandering singletrack: that’s what you get when trail builders have to work around some of the most unique rock formations on earth.  For anyone considering Moab, make sure you’re at the top of your riding game- you’ll need every bit of skill to take on the technical trails found here.  We work closely with our local, permitted guiding partners at Colorado Backcountry and Rim Tours to make sure each ride itinerary will blow your mind, because we expect nothing else in Moab.


Airport Options:  Salt Lake City (4 hrs) – Denver (5 hrs) – Grand Junction (1.5 hrs)


Example Itinerary

Most of the time we combine Moab and Fruita into one trip (based in Fruita), but we’ve decided to add a trip in October 2024 that’s based in Moab!  See below for that planned itinerary, and if you have a private group please reach out to us directly and we’ll work with you to create the perfect plan for your crew!


Day 1: On Day 1 (October 12th), expect to arrive around 5:30pm that evening for our initial meetup as a group.  We’ll do a quick intro and get bikes set up (or built) before having a welcome dinner and drinks.


Day 2: Time to get rolling!  We have a couple of options for today’s ride that we’re tossing around, either a big loop at Klondike Bluffs north of town, or we’ll tie together the Horsethief and Navajo Rocks trails in a big point-to-point.  Either way, expect today’s ride to total 20+ miles with 1500-2000′ of climbing/descending.


Day 3: Today we’ll hit our first shuttle ride, world-famous Mag 7.  Although it’s officially a big shuttle from town, make sure you have plenty of energy as there are a few killer climbs and lots of little punchy ones.  But this ride is all about rocky tech and having lots of fun: Mag 7 totals about 22 miles with 1800′ of climbing and around 4000′ of descending.


Day 4: The Whole Enchilada… yep, the one you’ve all been waiting for.  Starting at 10,000′ and climbing up to 11,200′ to Geysir Pass, this ride has it all over ~30 miles.  Expect to ride high alpine tech, rocky chunk, and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear by the time we finish next to the Colorado River several hours (and 8,000′ vertical feet) later.


Day 5: Still have some in the tank?  For the last day, we’ll head over to the Amasa Back trail system for a Hymasa – Captain Ahab loop to top things off.  The climb is techy but never too steep, and the descent is one to write home about.  Today’s ride will be about 10 miles with 1800′ of climbing, and we’re pretty sure it’ll top things off perfectly to end the trip on a high note.