Photo Essay: Moab with The Singletrack Sampler Crew

We recently spent four days in Moab, Utah with The Singletrack Sampler and 13 of his loyal followers, and it was a trip for the ages.  Not only did we ride some of the best trails Moab has to offer, but we created new friendships, told awesome jokes, and brought folks together from all over the world.

As Alexander (the Singeltrack Sampler himself) said, “there is something so amazingly magical about these trips with subscribers from the channel; I seriously can’t believe how lucky I am to get to do trips like this.  Thank you to everyone who joined us on this one!”

On to the photos!


Day One:  Chisholm to Navajo Rocks (15 miles)





Day Two: The Whole Enchilada from Kokopelli, with Jimmy Keen (28 miles)






Day Three: North Klondike (15 miles)






Day Four: Captain Ahab Huck-fest (9 miles)


Apologies… this ride is just too good to stop for pictures- why interrupt one of the most flowy, fun, technical trails in Moab?  We did stop at the top for a quick snack and a few “overlook” shots though!



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AUTHOR: Steve Mokan

Steve is the owner (and founder) of Chasing Epic Mountain Bike Adventures, and contributes regularly to our blog. He's passionate about providing customers with incredible mountain bike vacations, and he loves photography and travel when he's not working. Truthfully, he loves those things when he is working too.