New Destination Announcement: BREVARD, NC

Here at Chasing Epic, we’re always looking to bring our clients to the best mountain biking destinations in the United States, and after much feedback, we’ve decided to expand our operations to the East Coast.  Beginning in the spring of 2019, we’re stoked to announce that we’ll be offering trips in Brevard, NC!



Brevard sits smack-dab in the Blue Ridge Mountains, about an hour southwest of Asheville, NC.  Just like all of our destinations, this small town is full of character and welcomes its mountain biking visitors, with a community that firmly supports riders of all kinds.  Located in a valley between Pisgah National Forest and Dupont State Forest, the riding options here are plentiful, and offer more than you can shake a stick at.  From super technical descents to some of the fastest singletrack in the east, Brevard has it all.



We’ll announce our 2019 trip dates in mid-September, so stay tuned for more details.  In the meantime, take a look below for more information on Brevard and what to expect from our upcoming Chasing Epic trips!


What To Expect


When it comes to expectations in Brevard, one word rules them all:  diversity.  The scope of trail riding in the Brevard area covers it all: technical to flow, steep climbs to mellow grinds, wet roots to slick rock.  It’s one of the reasons we’ve chosen to expand to Brevard: there are enough trails to keep even the pickiest riders happy!



Pisgah National Forest: Just a short pedal from town sits Pisgah National Forest, one of the most challenging and fun trail systems we’ve had the pleasure of riding.  This temperate rain forest offers classic east coast terrain, but stepped up a notch when it comes to technical riding.  Most of the climbs here are done on long, steady fire roads which offers a chance to either shuttle the big rides, or have a chance to warm-up before it comes time for the big show.

The trails here are a combination of steep rocks, rooty sections, and sustained ridge-line descents; for those of you who’ve done Chasing Epic trips in the past with us, this terrain is much different than anything you’ll find in the western US.  Even though the mountains don’t *seem* as big, don’t be fooled: we’ll still put some BIG climbs in before enjoying the long, technical descents that seem to go on for miles.  In most cases, they do.  Some of our favorites in the area are Bennett Gap, Avery Creek, Daniel Ridge, Black Mountain and Sycamore Cove.  If you decide to ride Brevard with us, make sure you bring your A-game because Pisgah will push you to the limits.  And maybe a bit further.



Dupont State Forest: While not quite the polar opposite, Dupont is known for its long, flowy trails that have you smiling from ear to ear for miles at a time.  Dupont sits just south of town and has a huge network of singletrack built around multiple mountains and knobs, and it’s where we’ll be able to put in some big days.  The climbs never get too out of hand, and the descents aren’t nearly as technical as Pisgah.  But don’t be fooled, riding in Dupont certainly isn’t considered a rest day!

The trails in Dupont- like Ridgeline, Corn Mill Shoals, and Cedar Rock- are overall much smoother and faster, but there are plenty of features and surprises that keep you on your toes.  Flow is the word of the day in Dupont, and it’s the perfect counter-balance to the rides in Pisgah.  Personally, we love the diversity between the two areas and they combine to make an incredible 4-day trip.


The Best Time for Brevard


To be honest, you can almost always ride Brevard year-round.  That said, there are obviously better times than others to sample the goods, which is why we recommend trips in late spring (mid-April through early June) and all fall (mid-September through early November).  Summer riding can be had as well, but with hot temperatures the temperate rain forest tends to get pretty steamy, which isn’t ideal for most mountain biking.

That said, in 2019 look for our first Chasing Epic trip in Brevard to be in late April, once the trees and flowers bloom and everything is green.  The trails will be in perfect shape, spring breakers have departed, and we’ll have miles and miles of singletrack to ourselves.



Getting There


Since Brevard is centrally located on the east coast, it’s a half-day’s drive for a lot of Chasing Epic clients.  For those of you flying in, we recommend looking at flights either into Asheville (one hour away) or Charlotte (just over two hours’ drive) for the easiest access.  Once you get to Brevard, we’ll take care of the rest – like always.



Yep… Everything Is Included


Just like all other Chasing Epic trips, absolutely everything you need for an epic mountain bike vacation is included in our newest destination, Brevard.  We’ll be partnering with our good friends at Red Wolf to show us the goods in both Pisgah and Dupont.  We’ve got some top-shelf accommodations lined up that offer a modern, comfortable setup that will add to the overall experience.  Meals will be a combination of catered breakfasts and dinners, packed lunches, and possibly a last night out to celebrate the end of another killer trip.  And just like always, we’ll have the latest and greatest demo bikes for you to ride while you rip singletrack for four days with us (more info on this to come in early 2019!).



Even More Info


Brevard obviously isn’t a new mountain bike destination, as others have visited and clamored over it for the last few years.  Here are a handful of our favorite write-ups, stories, and videos from the area.  We hope this will give you a good perspective on what to expect when you hit Brevard with us in 2019!


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