New Crested Butte 2023 Date Added in September

When we originally announced our 2023 trip calendar, it only included a single trip date for Crested Butte in the fall on September 22-26th.  However, we’re not even to Thanksgiving yet and the trip only has one spot left!  So, due to popular demand, we’re adding a second set of dates for Crested Butte:



Check out our Crested Butte destination page for more details on this trip, but here’s a breakdown to get you psyched about this new date.  How does this trip compare to our September 22-26th date?  In our experience, there’s a better chance for good weather a week earlier, but there’s also a lesser chance for “peak aspen riding”.  So to be honest… both weekends should be perfect for big rides:



Ahhh…. Crested Butte in the fall.  If you’re looking for the perfect “epic” mountain bike trip, this one is it: dynamic weather, huge rides, long descents, and a little bit of suffering thrown in for good measure.  Nothing about Crested Butte is easy, but it’s all totally worth it in the end: this is some of the best high country riding available in the world, hands down.  Most of the rides on this trip will be pedal days, but we do always build in a shuttle or two in order to maximize the fun.  Expect long days in the saddle, but those days will be so damn good.

Like we mentioned above, this trip will push most riders to their limits: the climbs are long and tough, there’s enough technical terrain to keep you on your toes, the altitude is very real (we’ll get above 11,000 feet), and the weather can be “interesting”.  All that said, if you train and put in the miles before your trip, you’ll absolutely love it.  In fact, Crested Butte sees the most repeat clients of any trip we run, as our riders want to come back again and again.



Fitness Level: Advanced

Technical Ability: Intermediate +

Closest Airports: Gunnison (35 minutes), Montrose (2 hours), Grand Junction (3 hours), Denver (5 hours)

Expected Weather: Highs in the 50s/60s and very cool at night, with a slight chance of rain/snow depending on elevation



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AUTHOR: Steve Mokan

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