Look out Moab, Here Comes Chasing Epic!

Moab is widely known to be one of the top mountain bike destinations in the world… and we’re excited to announce, as of today, you can now experience some of the most interesting and challenging rides in the world with Chasing Epic!  That’s right, effective immediately, Chasing Epic is offering its all-inclusive, guided trips to Moab, Utah.  Come with us- either in a private group or on your own with one of our scheduled trips- for four or more days of truly epic riding.




Chasing Epic Trips


In 2017, Chasing Epic will offer two types of trips for our clients:

  • Scheduled 4-day Departure:  On May 12-15th, we have a single Moab trip for customers who want to sign up on their own (or with a friend or two), and join an existing crew of riders.  Make no mistake, we’re still going to take you on all the epics, and you’re still going to ride trails that will push your technical ability to the brink!   For $1250, you’ll get epic riding with everything you need to have an amazing experience of a lifetime:  lodging, meals, high-end bikes, guides, shuttles, nutrition, training and more!
  • Customized, Private Group Trips:  Chasing Epic’s bread and butter, we’re also offering our private groups of 5 or more the chance to experience Moab on their own…. just their crew and no one else.  For these trips, we can cater the entire trip to your preferences:  ride style, distance, specific trails, and even lodging style and meals.  Start the process soon though, because Moab is popular and books quickly!




Top Rides


The Whole Enchilada:   The Whole Enchilada was originally conceived and ridden as a monstrous loop. From town, back to town: a ride in the same vein as the utterly psychotic Moab Centurion.  While few riders actually do the Enchilada without a shuttle–adding 30-miles of up to an already big day–it’s nice to recognize the burly visionaries who gave us such an amazing experience.  From an alpine pass above treeline, down to the sandstone canyon of the Colorado River. From black humus to red slickrock, singletrack to paved bike path: the Whole Enchilada covers every type of riding and scenery that Moab has to offer in one massive, magical, mind-blowing sensory overload.


Mag 7:  The Magnificent 7 trails are part of the exciting singletrack renaissance in Moab.   Mag 7 is named for the 7 trails it links together into one spectacular traverse: Gemini Bridges Rd., Bull Run, Arth’s Corner, Little Canyon, Gold Bar Rim, Golden Spike, Poison Spider, and Portal. This point-to-point ride is a ledgy, fast and fun experience.


Slickrock:   Slickrock is often called the best bike ride in America. That’s highly debatable, but what is not: it is one of the coolest, most unique experiences you can have on your bike.  About 95% of the ride is on incredibly tacky, smooth slickrock, and it’s just remarkable what your tires will hold. If you have the nerve, muscle, and balance, everything is rideable, including inclines that look ridiculous at first glance. Oh, and the scenery is some of the most amazing in Moab.


Hymasa- Ahab:  The Hymasa/Captain Ahab ride is one of the best of the best. Enough climbing to pump you up and raise your pulse to ready you for the massive dose of adrenaline you’ll receive on the descent. MTB’ing ecstasy is what it is.  I can not do justice for Captain Ahab in words. Most intermediate riders will walk a spot or two on this trail. Fact is there is even a sign that says you should walk a particularly risky spot on the trail. But don’t let that dissuade you from the experience Ahab will etch in your memory. If confidence eludes you from time to time… just walk it.


More Information


Interested in learning more about your next trip to Moab with Chasing Epic?  Check out our Moab Destination Page for all the information you need to get psyched for your next two-wheeled adventure!


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AUTHOR: Steve Mokan

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