Guide Focus: Brevard, NC

In the second edition of our series “Guide Focus”, we get a closer look at Jenna and Barrett Hoover, our awesome guides in Brevard, NC.  Jenna and Barrett own Red Wolf Mountain Bike Tours, our exclusive partners in the area and the ones who will show our clients the goods beginning in the spring of 2019.  We’ve been riding with these two for the last few years, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come!


Barrett’s Bio: 

“I began mountain biking in my last year of high school.  As I went through college I became more and more obsessed with riding bikes!  I used internships as opportunities to explore the country to find the best trails!  After graduating with my Mechanical Engineering degree, I rode across the country with a charity group called Bike & Build.  I actually met my wife, Jenna, on the trip.  After plenty of searching, we decided to move to Brevard because of the amazing trails and great environment.  I love being with people and seeing the joy that riding bikes can bring to anyone!  Playing in the woods on your bike is the best!”

Certifications – PMBI Level 1 Instructor, Wilderness First Aid & CPR


Jenna’s Bio:

Jenna did not start riding bikes until after college when she decided on a whim that she wanted to ride a bike across the country.  Seriously, that is exactly what she did.  It is on that very cross-country cycling trip, that she met her now husband. Barrett introduced Jenna to the wonderful world of mountain bikes and now she is hooked (and giving Barrett a run for his money on the trails!) When Jenna is not in the woods, she is working as a Family Nurse Practitioner and an intensive care nurse. She is truly passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition (& puppies).  She especially loves seeing women getting out on the trails!

Certifications – Family Nurse Practitioner, ICU RN, Wilderness First Aid & CPR



Which bike are you riding these days?


Jenna: Santa Cruz Hightower LT all the way!

Barrett: Rocky Mountain Instinct BC!  I’m a 29er guy and I am loving the big travel on the Rocky!  Super plush but still plenty playful for getting your tires in the air!


How did you first get into guiding, and what made you start Redwolf Tours?


Barrett: It honestly came down to what I wanted to spend my time doing.  I’ve done the cubicle thing, the office deal, and I really just wanted to be outside with people on bikes!


What is your favorite part of the job?


Jenna: Where do I even start?! When your work and your passion are one in the same, it is pretty sweet! But if I have to pick one thing, I would say getting to meet people from all walks of life, from all over the world, enjoying the simple bliss of riding a bike! It is a reminder of how much we all have in common.

Barrett: I love getting to see riders progress and ride things that they would have never thought possible!  The smiles and high fives at the end of a big downhill are really the best.



What’s your favorite trail to guide in Brevard, and why?


Barrett: Oh man this is a tough one… I’m really partial to Black Mountain, it’s just so raw!  It kind of blows people away and it’s fun to see that.

Jenna:  I love taking people up Cedar Rock and down Big Rock in DuPont State Forest! You start with a heck of climb (which always has people a little nervous.) But you cannot beat the smile you are rewarded with as each rider conquers that climb! And then you get the bonus of a spectacular view and a sweet descent!


Other than Brevard, what are the top one or two places you’ve been to ride?


Jenna: I am still relatively new to riding so I have so much more to explore and many more places to cross off my bucket list! But, if I were able to jump on a plane tomorrow to ride bikes (in a place I have been), I would choose Moab and Sedona!

Barrett: Ah, that a tough one.  I love the high alpine riding you can access in the Summer out west, Colorado in particular.  Riding the La Sals outside of Moab is definitely up there as well.


Which locations are on your Bucket List?


Barrett: SQUAMISH!!!  It looks like everything I dream of!  Also, going totally a different direction, I’d love to do a bikepacking tour in Vietnam!

Jenna: Ah, speaking of bucket lists! Am I limited on this question!? British Columbia, Switzerland, Peru, New Zealand, Nepal, Uganda to name a few! One of these days, I will win the lottery so I can finally get to all of these places!



What do you like to do when you’re not on the bike?


Jenna: Sleep, trail run, spend time with Barrett and friends, bake, eat good food, play my cello!

Barrett: I really like working on beat up old 4x4s, especially old Jeeps.  Although I did just pick up a Toyota project for the winter…

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AUTHOR: Steve Mokan

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