Photo Essay: Super Spicy Springtime Sea to Sky (BC) Trips

Last week we wrapped up our spring trips to the Sea to Sky corridor (including Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton): we had back-to-back sold-out trips in early June with groups full of rippers.  As you probably already know, the Sea to Sky terrain is known for steep, rowdy, and technical trails – this is the place to go to push your limits and comfort, and we definitely did that!

For our photo essay, we’ll combine the riding from both trips and lay out the perfect trip itinerary including some of our favorite trails from each day… but know that if you join us, there are SO many more to explore in each of these areas.  We can’t wait to get back up there in mid-September!


Day 1: Whistler (West-side Trails)

Trail Faves: Chipmunk Rebellion, Working Class, AC/DC, Butterflies & Flowers






Day 2: Squamish (Diamond Head)

Trail Faves: Ditch Pig, Angry M, Cakewalk, Half Nelson, Full Nelson, Pseudo Tsuga






Day 3: Pemberton (Mosquito Lake / Mackenzie)

Trail Faves: Rudy’s, Rusty Trombone, Overnight Sensation, Hawaii, Bob Gnarly)






Day 4: Squamish (Alice Lake)

Trail Faves: Pampelmousse, Rupert, In N Out, Boney Elbows, Highway to Hell







Day 5: Whistler (Blackcomb CRA)

Trail Faves: Hey Bud, Roam in the Loam



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AUTHOR: Steve Mokan

Steve is the owner (and founder) of Chasing Epic Mountain Bike Adventures, and contributes regularly to our blog. He's passionate about providing customers with incredible mountain bike vacations, and he loves photography and travel when he's not working. Truthfully, he loves those things when he is working too.