Photo Essay: Four Days in Fruita & Moab

Let’s get this out of the way early: riding in the high desert (specifically Fruita and Moab) is hard.  It’s different.  It will challenge even the best of riders.  Rocks are out to get you, the dirt (and sand) has virtually no grip, and it’s likely very different than where you ride at home.  All that said- isn’t that why we travel and experience new places?  Sure the riding is challenging, but at the same time it’s incredible.  The scenery is unlike anywhere you’ve ever seen, and the stoke is at all-time high levels.

Our most recent crew of riders on the Fruita-Moab trip this spring traveled from all over North America… British Columbia, the PNW, Ontario, Georgia, the Midwest and more.  For them, getting used to the terrain and the conditions took a bit, but by the second and third day of riding, they were absolutely killing it.  Riding sections they never thought possible, and hitting lines they could only dream of.  This is the progression we love to see on our trips, and it’s what makes memories that last a long, long time.  Take a look below at the photos from the four days of riding in Fruita and Moab, and maybe we’ll see you on the trip next spring.


Day 1: Kokopelli Loops (20+ miles, 2000′ up/down)

Including trails like Horsethief, Mary’s, Steve’s, Mack Ridge and Hawkeye, this ride is a perfect “introduction” to high desert tech.  You’ll find plenty of smooth, fast, flowy sections of singletrack… but plenty of technical features and lines that will challenge you on your first day in the desert.





Day 2: Lunch Loops with the Ribbon (1800′ up, 4000′ down)

The Lunch Loops are just down the road in Grand Junction, and typically offer a level of tech that’s a step up from the Kokopelli trail system.  On the second day, we started with a 2000′ shuttle to the top of the Ribbon, then hit trails like Holy Cross and Gunny Loop.





Day 3: The Whole Enchilada from UPS (1000′ up, 5500′ down)

The Whole Enchilada needs no introduction… as one of the most famous trails in the world, this point-to-point ride has it all.  Last week our crew started at the top of UPS and rode all the way back to town, which meant 20+ miles of super technical, rowdy riding.  Lots of good times, and lots of tired riders.









Day 4: 18 Road Laps including Zippity, PBR and Joe’s Ridge (2000′ up/down)

After three full days of beat-down tech riding, we love hitting the flowy singletrack of 18 Road to cap off the trip.  We let our riders go as long as they want today, while lapping trails like Zippity, Joe’s Ridge, PBR and Kessel Run.  That’s a wrap!




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AUTHOR: Steve Mokan

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