Photo Essay: Crazy Flow and Wildflowers in Sun Valley

Last week we wrapped up another 5-day trip to Sun Valley, Idaho… in typical spring (or is it summer already) fashion, we had cooler temps, some rain, and absolutely incredible trails.  Over the course of the four days of riding, our crew knocked out almost 100 miles spread out between five different trail systems!  Despite a couple changes to the original itinerary- thanks to a washed-out road and endless avalanche debris- we still got the group on some of the best trails in the area, and it was a perfect match for our riders.

Just like after every trip, we’ve put together some of our favorite shots from the trip along with a short description of the day’s ride… check it out below to see what you can expect over the course of a trip to Sun Valley!


Day 1: Croy Creek (22 miles)

The Croy Creek trails are smooth, flowy and fast- and an absolute perfect way to introduce the group to a bit of elevation and a good amount of climbing.  Like an acid trip through Mario world, the wildflowers on some of these trails were out of this world and made for an incredible first day!





Day 2: Edge of the World to Town (21 miles)

Always a rider-favorite, we started this ride with a 2500′ shuttle to the top of Upper Oregon Gulch (aka Edge of the World) and began with an amazing 6-mile descent down to the valley floor.  From there, we traversed up and down some pretty sweet loops back towards town, and finished the ride at Lefty’s for an ice-cold beer.






Day 3: Galena Pass Loops (28 miles)

We had originally planned for a point-to-point ride in the Sun Valley backcountry, but unfortunately a storm washed out our dirt access road, and so we had to call an audible.  Luckily, the Galena Pass trails are only 30 minutes north of town and offer endless flow and an absolutely pristine riding experience.  A few frisky riders wanted to keep going, and so we headed down to Adams Gulch for some “bonus miles” later in the afternoon until everyone was tired and hungry for a home-cooked meal.





Day 4: Greenhorn Gulch (12 miles)

One of our favorite last-day rides, the Greenhorn-Imperial loop never disappoints; unless you just don’t like never-ending descents, amazing views, and one of the most beautiful landscapes you’ll ever see.  After a pretty decent climb to the top of the Imperial descent, you’re rewarded with a 5+ mile downhill that has a little bit of everything.  We managed to have perfect dirt and cool temps, which just made things that much better!




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AUTHOR: Steve Mokan

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