New Partner Announcement: Qloom

If you’ve been on a Chasing Epic trip recently, you may have noticed our trip leaders wearing some pretty kick-ass custom jerseys.  A few months ago, we met with the guys at Qloom– a Swiss company expanding to the US and based here in Boulder- and since our brands are a perfect match, we decided to form a great partnership.

Qloom makes premium-quality mountain bike apparel, from custom (or standard) jerseys to some of the best shorts we’ve ever worn… all while maintaining high standards and focusing on the fun part of riding.  Qloom focuses on “Where stoke meets trail”, and as a professional photographer and someone who loves bright colors, fancy kits, and great technical wear, we’re huge fans.

So… what does this mean for our customers?  Two things:  first, all Chasing Epic customers will receive 25% off any order with Qloom after your trip.  Second, we will have these custom jerseys available for all of our private trips of 6 or more.  These aren’t available anywhere besides Chasing Epic, and we’re pretty stoked on the design we collaborated on- see below for our two color options.



Updated 7/19 to add women’s jerseys:

ce W Moreton SS FP-purple_style - full print


ce W Moreton SS FP-pink_style - full print


And in case you missed these from last month’s Angel Fire trip, here are a couple shots of Qloom in action!








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AUTHOR: Steve Mokan

Steve is the owner (and founder) of Chasing Epic Mountain Bike Adventures, and contributes regularly to our blog. He's passionate about providing customers with incredible mountain bike vacations, and he loves photography and travel when he's not working. Truthfully, he loves those things when he is working too.