Yep, that’s right…. in the span of two weeks, Chasing Epic is announcing two new destinations: this time it’s Sun Valley, Idaho!  If you follow our blog (or Facebook, or Instagram), you saw last week that we announced an expansion to Brevard, NC.  Well, this time Chasing Epic is heading north to the great state of Idaho, where we plan to eat a lot of potatoes and rip the amazing backcountry singletrack of Sun Valley!

To us, Sun Valley is an absolutely perfect addition to our bucket-list roster of destinations.  Not only does it give us another fantastic summer/fall location to bring our customers, but it also fits in perfectly with the Chasing Epic experience.  If you’re looking to get off the beaten path on some absolutely epic singletrack, away from the crowds and above it all, then Sun Valley is for you.  And it’s most definitely for us.



Sun Valley (mainly made up by the town of Ketchum, with Hailey just a little bit down valley) is in central Idaho, at the foot of the Sawtooths and in the middle of an incredible mountain range that offers endless opportunities for riding.  The area boasts over 400 miles of singletrack, most of which can be combined to create absolutely epic rides that will leave you smiling all day long.  The climbs can be long and tough, but the huge descents make it all worth while.

As fits the reputation, the riding in Sun Valley isn’t uber-technical, but don’t mistake that to mean it’s not tough.  The trails have a very rugged feel, and because of that it’s a tough four days on the bike with the itineraries we’re planning.  Sure, we’ll mix in a shuttle or two- but plan on long days in the saddle that will have you begging for more.



Our 2019 trip calendar isn’t out just yet (stay tuned, we’ll publish it in mid-September), but plan on scheduled trips to Sun Valley in mid-June and early-October, when the trails will be in prime shape and the weather is perfect.


Sun Valley Beta


Much like our Crested Butte trips, a 4-day trip to Sun Valley is going to mean big miles, big vertical, and long descents.  The trails here have a unique backcountry feel, where we likely won’t see another soul all day long.  The terrain itself consists of several mountain ridges, peaks, gulches, and wide open spaces… exactly what we’re looking for.



The trails themselves are mostly on the smooth side, so you don’t need to bother with the 6″ travel enduro rig- we’d recommend a proper trail bike with 120-140mm of travel to tame these rides.  You’ll appreciate the efficiency on the climbs, while realizing the fun factor on the descents.  That said, there are plenty of technical features built into the trails in Sun Valley, so make sure you stay on your toes when hauling ass downhill!



Like most of our trips, you can expect to put in a bunch of miles in Sun Valley with us: 15 miles on the first and last days, and a solid 20-25 on the middle two full days.  Trust us, by the time you leave town on Day Four, you’ll be tuckered out and ready for a rest day!


Getting There


Sun Valley is kind of in the middle of nowhere, but thanks to the world-class ski resort, there’s an airport just 10 minutes down the road in Hailey.  Direct flights are serviced mainly by Delta, Alaska, and United and come from a handful of major cities across the United States.  Otherwise, there are two options for flights: Boise (2.5 hour drive) and Salt Lake City (4 hour drive).



Other Stuff


Just like all of our all-inclusive trips, our 4-day adventures to Sun Valley will include everything you need for an amazing mountain bike vacation: guides, bikes, meals, lodging, ride nutrition, shuttles and more.  We leave no stone unturned in making sure your experience with Chasing Epic is second-to-none.  Sun Valley will be no different, and we’re looking forward to showing everyone the goods starting in 2019!



Even More Info


If you’re looking for even more beta on Sun Valley, here are a few of our favorite articles, photos, and videos on the area.  Trust us, it’s one you’re going to want to experience for yourself.


Destination Showcase: Sun Valley, Idaho (Pinkbike)

In the Valley of the Sun (Rocky Mountain Bikes)


A few weeks ago, we hit Sun Valley with our buddy BKXC, who made some kick-ass videos showing the trails in the area:




And if you didn’t click on the Rocky Mountain bikes link above, here’s the video they put together:


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