New Destination Announcement: Revelstoke, BC

If you happened to be following us on social media a few weeks ago, you likely saw a handful of teaser shots while we were on our scouting trip in Revelstoke, BC…. but now it’s official, starting in 2020 we’ll be adding Revelstoke as a Chasing Epic destination!  In our never-ending hunt for bringing you the best riding in North America, we’ve decided to expand north of the border and bring you the best of Canada.



Sitting just inside the western border of British Columbia, Revelstoke is a small’ish town of 8-10k people (depending on who you ask) that was founded on logging and the railroad industry, but has recently seen a rebirth of adventure thanks to the ski resort and an exploding mountain bike scene.  Revelstoke is smack-dab in the middle of the Columbia River Valley, and is surrounded by peaks that tower 5-8k feet above town, which makes for some pretty kick-ass riding.  Trust us, we’ve ridden most of it and we can’t wait to get back next summer!



Revelstoke Trip Beta


Give us the dirt, you’re saying…. and here goes.  This trip isn’t for everyone, and for that we don’t apologize.  Our Revelstoke trip is meant to be a progression through the Chasing Epic “heirarchy” of destinations, and we recommend this trip only for those who are confident in their technical skills and consider themselves an advanced or expert-level rider.  The trails in Revelstoke truly are “next level” in terms of steepness, tech, and intensity; they’ll push you beyond your limits and have you begging for more.

This trip is focused on the descents.  Sure, we’ve got a few big climbs mixed in (it’s a Chasing Epic trip, after all) but we’ll utilize shuttles and a helicopter to hit the best and baddest trails in the area.  Yes you read that correctly, a heli.  Check out our destination page for more details on the itinerary, as it’s sure to instill a little fear and excitement as you sip your morning coffee.



More Trip Details


As we mentioned above, this trip is a bit different than our others: in more than one way.  Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect beginning next August:

  • 6 days of riding.  Because it takes longer to get to Revelstoke, and because the riding is so great, we’ve decided to make this trip longer as well.  In total it’s 7 days and 6 nights, with 6 days of riding included.  You’ll be hurting by the last day of this one, we promise.
  • Day 4 heli drop on Mt. Cartier.  Yep, we’ve got a heli lined up to provide a “shuttle” to the top of Mt. Cartier, which sits 7,000 feet above town.  The ride itself is 10+ miles and 7,000 vertical feet with some killer exposure and amazingly technical riding.  But it’s one for the ages.
  • Majority of rides are shuttles.  Again, this is a bit different than our standard trips, but it’s designed that way on purpose.  We’ll have a couple big climbs mixed in, but for the most part we’ll utilize shuttle vehicles so we can hit the best descents all day long.
  • Airport transfers are included.  To make it easier on you, we’re eliminating the need for a rental car.  We’ll pick you up and drop you off at the Kelowna, BC airport on either side of the trip- more details will be made available once you book.
  • Smaller group size, and advanced/expert riders only.  We’re going to have one trip available in mid-August, and we’ll have nine spots open.  We’re keeping it small so we can work with smaller groups, and make sure the riders are qualified for the terrain.  We understand it’s not for everyone, and we hope more and more folks build their way up to this level.





Tell Us More!


Unfortunately for now, that’s about it!  Just know this trip is coming, dates will be announced soon, and it’s a perfect fit for the Chasing Epic lineup.  If you’re not ready for it next summer, keep working on your skills and bike handling because it’s one you won’t want to miss.




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AUTHOR: Steve Mokan

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