Focus On: Spring in Moab

Continuing with the series “Focus On” (our first article featured Brevard in late April), next up is the mountain biking Mecca, Moab.  Virtually every mountain biker has heard of Moab, but there are plenty who haven’t experienced it for themselves- and that’s why we love it.  The type of riding you’ll get in Moab is like nowhere else on earth, with a unique combination of singletrack and technical rock, sure to push even the best riders.



What You Can Expect


As mentioned above, Moab is a unique combination of dirt singletrack and technical rock, which is unlike anywhere else in the US (and probably on earth).  The type of riding you’ll experience on our trips requires tip-top technical skills, so come prepared!  Don’t worry though, we’ve got the perfect formula to ease you into conquering more terrain than you thought possible.

Beginning near the Navajo Rocks trail system on Day One and ending with The Whole Enchilada and Captain Ahab, each ride progressively builds up in technical difficulty, all the while keeping you on your toes.  From steep slickrock rolls to small drops, to climbing step-ups, to hauling ass at 20 mph through a “mine field”, this trip is one for the books.  Remember, there’s definitely still climbing involved in Moab- aside from the Whole Enchilada day, when it’s minimal- so be sure to arrive in shape having put in plenty of miles this spring!



Example Ride


Everyone knows about the Whole Enchilada and Captain Ahab, which of course we’ll ride (on Day Three and Four).  But we’re big fans of Day Two of our itinerary, when we combine a couple other Moab trail systems to build you up and get ready for the last two technical days.  We’ll start the morning at the top of the Mag 7 trail system just north of town, and get after it on a long, sustained descent of Bull Run and Great Escape.  These two trails make up the first two segments of the Mag 7 ride, and offer a step up in technical challenge from the previous day’s ride.  Of course we’ll have to climb back up to where we started, but believe it or not, heading up “Getaway” is a fun respite from the usually challenging, steppy climbs you’ll find in Moab.  The morning’s ride totals about 15 miles, which we’ll knock out by lunch time.

After lunch and some hydration, we’ll head further north to ride the North Klondike trail system.  To us, this is the perfect practice area for Captain Ahab… in fact, we tend to think of this descent as a mini Captain Ahab.  Depending on what you’re up for, we’ll do another 6-10 miles this afternoon.  The climb up Mega Steps gets punchy in spots, but overall it’s pretty gradual and offers an incredible landscape to take your mind off your legs (and lungs).  The descent down Alaska, Homer, and Nome is chunky, fast, and has a few technical features to keep you on your toes.  It’s one of our favorite areas in town!





Spring in Moab is just about perfect: mid 70’s, sun, and longer days make for some of the best riding of the year.  The chance of rain in spring is pretty rare, which means there’s a very high chance we’ll get uninterrupted blue skies for the duration of our trip.  There are a couple of things to be aware of, however.  First, it will be cold in the mornings before the sun warms things up, so bring a light jacket.  The evenings are the same: once the sun hits the horizon, town will cool down and you’ll want your favorite hoodie to keep you warm.

Secondly, there’s a good chance of lingering snow high up in the La Sal Mountains, which means our Whole Enchilada “drop off point” will be variable.  Most times in May, it’s likely we’ll start at the top of Hazard County, which is the second highest starting point other than Geysir Pass.  By adding Jimmy Keen to the ride, that means we’ll still get about 28 miles on the day!



Overall Thoughts and Recent Reviews


The riding in Moab is unique in a way that’s hard to describe: for most of our first-time clients who choose Moab as their introduction to Chasing Epic trips, their mind is blown from the first few miles of Day One.  The landscape is unique, the challenge is real, and the progression you’ll make over four days is noticeable.

Spring in Moab is special, and it’s a trip we look forward to every year.  With finally-warm weather, sunny skies, and an amazing group of riders and guides, it’s a recipe for success.  Each and every ride on this trip is on the itinerary because it’s one we love doing.   Just remember though, to have fun in Moab you have to come prepared: put in the miles, practice your technical riding, and know that you’ll be challenged from the first day to the last.



“I just want to thank you again for one of the best adventures of my life!  The trip was so well organized in every respect and far exceeded my expectations.  The combination of a world class mountain biking destination, high end demo bikes, expert local guides, a great group to bike with, the included accommodation and dinners, all the added goodies and even a professional photographer made the trip a truly high quality and memorable experience.  I will absolutely take another trip with Chasing Epic and will highly recommend you to others.”


“As this was my first time riding on a Chasing Epic organized trip I had no idea what to expect. I will say that the trip well exceeded my expectations. The guiding was first rate as were the trail selections. Steve is a capable and responsive leader. I will sign up for future trips with Steve and Chasing Epic. Well done!!”



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