Announcing our 2021 Demo Bikes: Guerrilla Gravity, Deviate and Revel!

At Chasing Epic, we pride ourselves on bringing our clients kick-ass demo bikes for each of our trips, and this year we believe we’ve truly outdone ourselves.  In a time of turbulence and uncertainty in the mountain bike industry, we’ve managed to secure our best demo fleet ever!  Last year we carried Guerrilla Gravity bikes as our sole option, but this year we’re adding Deviate and Revel to the mix… that’s right: SEVEN different models across THREE brands.  Yes, you read that right.










We’ve included all the specs and likely build kits on our demo bike page, so we’ll spare you the finer details… but we know that everyone likes reading and watching reviews, so on this page we’ll collect all the reviews we can find for our respective models.  We’ve got everything from the 115mm travel XC/Trail ripper the Revel Ranger to one of the biggest bruisers on the market, the 170mm travel Guerrilla Gravity Gnarvana.  So choose wisely.


Deviate Highlander (160F/150R)


The Highlander burst on the scene last spring as one of few high-pivot trail bike designs, and its launch has been met with rave reviews.  The bike is set up with 150mm of rear travel matched to a 160mm fork, which means it can tackle the burliest terrain you can throw at it.  Don’t let the long travel fool you, however, as the bike pedals quite well and won’t hold you back if you want to push the pace on the climbs.


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Guerrilla Gravity Trail Pistol (130F/120R)


A repeat from our 2020 fleet (but with less travel), the Trail Pistol is the ultimate do-it-all trail bike that leans towards more rowdy terrain.  This bike absolutely crushes the climbs, but its modern geometry and burly build can handle just about anything you throw at it despite the shorter travel.  It’s one of our favorites.


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Guerrilla Gravity Smash (150F/140R)


Want a bike that can climb just about anything, but rips it all on the descents?  Then the Smash is your dance partner; with a perfect amount of travel both front and rear to do it all well, the Smash is the “goldilocks” bike in Guerrilla Gravity’s lineup.  We’d be happy ripping on this bike regardless of the destination.


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Guerrilla Gravity Gnarvana


The biggest bike in our fleet, the Gnarvana is meant for long, rowdy descents and high speeds.  Don’t expect to break any speed records on the climbs, but it’s not exactly a slouch.  The descents are where this bike shines, however, as the slack HTA and long travel set it up for the fastest of riders.



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Revel Rail (170F/165R)


Want a bike that’s built to go fast and erase mistakes?  The Revel Rail is for you, then.  The only 27.5″ option in our fleet, the Rail is one of the best at smashing through chunk and rowdy terrain.  It’s a little slow on the uphills, but once you point it downhill, you’ll forget all about the climb that got you there. This is one of the most fun bikes we rode in 2020.


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Revel Ranger (120F/115R)


180-degrees from the Rail, the Ranger is built for speed.  This bike is a light, snappy, XC/Trail machine that’s meant to climb and pedal fast, and have fun on the descents.  With limited travel we definitely don’t recommend this bike for trips like Monarch Crest, Moab, or Brevard, but the Ranger is at home in Sun Valley and Crested Butte where its snappy handling will fit right in.


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Revel Rascal (140F/130R)


The Rascal is one of the best 29’er trail bikes on the market: with 130mm of rear travel and a 140mm fork up front, it can handle just about any terrain you throw at it.  The CBF suspension platform rides more like 150mm of rear travel; it’ll blow you away the first time you hop on the bike.  If you’re looking for a do-it-all trail bike for your trip, this should be at the top of the list.


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AUTHOR: Steve Mokan

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