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Three Tips for Better Mountain Bike Photography

Let's face it- good mountain bike photography is really hard.  I'll be the first to admit it.  I've been shooting action sports (mainly skiing) and landscape photography for years, and mountain biking is the hardest to capture well.  Sure, you can get a boring picture...


Product Review: Issi Trail Pedals

Issi Trail Pedals: Short-term Review   I was recently given an opportunity to ride a pair of brand new Issi trail pedals, and wanted to give my short term impressions so far.  Under full disclosure, I did not receive these pedals in return for a review: I...


Announcing our 2016 Demo Fleet: Ibis and Niner!

After much deliberation and careful consideration of several factors, we're excited to announce the fleet of demo bikes our customers will have access to on all of our 2016 trips.  If you haven't checked out our "What's Included" page yet, Chasing Epic includes amazing high-end demo...