Moab Winter Training Camp

Chasing Epic with Syd & Macky in Moab!


We’re stoked to announce the first annual Syd and Macky Winter Training Camp with Chasing Epic in Moab from March 16-20th!  Over the last few months, we’ve been fine-tuning the details of this trip and we’re super excited: this is the first proper training camp we’ve adapted to a Chasing Epic-style trip, and we’re pulling out all of the stops for this one.  Over the course of five days (with four days of riding), we’ll have all the resources and information you need to kick-start your 2024 ride season, whether you’re racing XC, Enduro, or just crushing your local loops all summer!  The total cost for this trip is $2595/pp- see more info using the link below.


The first three days of riding will mirror Moab Rocks, which Syd and Macky have both done multiple times (see below for the itinerary and some killer videos) over the last several years.  On the last day (March 20th), we’ll split into groups on the Navajo Rocks trail system and have a fun, chill ride before departing just after lunch.  Each night will be filled with discussion and talks from both Syd & Macky along with their coach Mike Durner, including (but definitely not limited to):


Race and pacing strategy



Goal-oriented training

Bike & equipment choices

What’s Included with the Trip?


– Four Days of Professionally Guided riding with Chasing Epic and Syd & Macky

– Double-occupancy lodging in Moab for 4 nights (*single rooms available)

– All meals, plus nutritional support from Skratch and Honey Stinger

– All transportation during the trip, including shuttles and to/from TH

– Professionally-developed training plan

Expected Itinerary


Day One (March 16th): Arrival Day!  Plan on arriving around 5:30pm in Moab so we can get bikes built/setup and get everyone checked in and unpacked.  Tonight we’ll have a group dinner and drinks with a trip introduction and some general trip prep, get ready for lots of riding!

Day Two: Porcupine Rim.  Today starts with a Moab classic, but not before you put in a big effort to get up to the top of the descent!  We’ll climb up a few dirt roads through town before hitting Sand Flats Road, which is 10 miles up before hitting Porcupine Rim.  From there, things get rowdy as you get the last 9 miles of the Whole Enchilada downhill.  This is going to be a tough one!  All told, today’s ride is 22 miles with 3400′ of climbing and a bit more descending to the Colorado River finish!

Day Three: Klondike Bluffs.  More of a traditional stage, Klondike Bluffs is north of Moab and includes lots of punchy climbs and descents, along with classic desert slickrock to keep you honest.  Gradually climbing through the trail system on terrain that will blow your mind, you’ll get some killer descents on trails like Alaska and Homer before hitting the home stretch back towards the finish.  Today’s ride will be 25 miles with 2200′ of climbing/descending.

Day Four: Magnificent 7.  We’ll start today’s ride from the bottom of the Gemini Bridges road, where you’ll get a nice long “warmup” of about 5 miles before hitting the actual Mag 7 trail system (specifically Arth’s).  The singletrack climb will be techy and gradual, with plenty of tough/tight moves to keep things interesting.  At the ride’s virtual half-way point, we’ll turn around and come down Bull Run, Great Escape and Gold Bar, all moderately-challenging descents in their own right. Be sure to save some gas in the tank for the short’ish climb back out of Gemini Bridges, before heading down the home stretch.  Today’s ride will be 28 miles with 2500′ of climbing.

Day Five: Navajo Rocks Loop.  After three hard days of riding/training, today will be a fun “chill ride” with Syd, Macky, and the Chasing Epic guides.  We’ll likely have multiple options for distance and difficulty but expect a few hours of riding this morning, finishing up a little after lunch so you’ll have plenty of time to head home.