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Product Review: PNW Components Bachelor Dropper Post

If you're familiar with Chasing Epic and the companies we work with, you know that we like partnering with smaller, home-grown bike companies looking to grow with us.  Last winter we connected with Aaron Kerson, the owner and founder of PNW Components, and had some...


Product Review: e*Thirteen TRS Tires

I recently finished up my new build;  I decided to go out of my comfort zone a little and build a mid/short travel 29er.  One of my biggest complaints about all the 29ers I have ridden is the excessive flex from the wheels and tires. ...


Mountain Bike Tire Shootout: Maxxis vs. Schwalbe

As a group, mountain bikers are a very particular bunch:  we all have our favorite jersey, shorts, brakes, and of course tires.  What do we talk about over after-ride beers?  Well, of course we talk about the epic ride we just hammered out...