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Updated for 2019: Destination Comparison

We recently received a handful of emails asking how one of our locations compares to another, or how I would rate a specific destination when it comes to technical and physical difficulty (read: climbing and distance) level.  And with the addition of two new locations...


The Biggest Ride of the Summer

Labor Day is just around the corner, which means summer is coming to an end here in the Rocky Mountains.  Chasing Epic has a busy fall season coming up with multiple trips to amazing destinations like Crested Butte, Moab, Sedona and St. George.  We've had...


Guest Blog: Monarch Crest Epic

About the Author: Matt Miller has been riding bikes off and on since he was a teenager- with gaps spent researching motorized hobbies- and concluding that bicycles are still way cooler. He has been experimenting with enduro racing, but his favorite types of rides are those...