Desert Tech

Rocks, chunk, more rocks and more chunk.  To us, that’s how we’d describe these three destinations: Moab, Fruita, and St. George.  High desert riding in the spring and fall can be absolutely spectacular and unique, as there aren’t many places on earth that compare to these three spots.


With each of these destinations, technical riding rules the day; on both the climbs and the descents.  Be prepared for more technical climbing than you have at home, and even though the vertical gained and the distances covered might not be huge, they’re taxing and tough.  Each day you’ll progress your technical skills by pushing your limits on rocky terrain and features you never thought possible.  And you’ll ride trails that mountain bikers only dream of.

The riders who have their technical skills dialed and their physical stamina built up are the ones who will enjoy these trips the most; if you’re hurting from the start, it’s going to be tough to get that bike over and around all the rocks.  Each day will push you more than the previous; we love seeing the progression of skills from Day 1 to Day 4!