Big Mountain Enduro

It’s all about the descent, baby.  Our three enduro-style trips: Brevard, Monarch Crest, and Revelstoke- all focus on rippin’ descents that last forever and will push even the best of riders.  Each day we’ll tackle new trails and with a different style of riding, and you’ll love every minute of it.


These trips have multiple shuttles included, built to maximize vertical (and fun) descent for each day.  That said, we WILL still have to climb a bit, and we’ll also have a “pedal day” built into the agenda to keep you honest.  All told, however, the descents will far outweigh the climbs.

Advanced technical riders will absolutely love these trips as the better you can handle your bike, the more you’ll be able to push and ride faster each consecutive day.  Expect terrain that’s rooty, rocky, steep and loose… and there may even be a few surprises included as well.