Ibis Migration: Itinerary Announced

We recently announced an exciting partnership with Ibis, to launch the first of many Ibis Migrations.   We'll be in St. George, UT for three days beginning on November 18th with incredible rides planned, amazing after-ride parties, and just generally hanging out and having a...


Guest Blog: Monarch Crest Epic

About the Author: Matt Miller has been riding bikes off and on since he was a teenager- with gaps spent researching motorized hobbies- and concluding that bicycles are still way cooler. He has been experimenting with enduro racing, but his favorite types of rides are those...


Earn $1,000 For Your Local IMBA Chapter!

At Chasing Epic, we pride ourselves on supporting the organizations that are making a difference in the mountain biking community; one of the main reasons Chasing Epic was started was to provide a way to be involved in trail advocacy and helping local communities increase...