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Product Review: PNW Components Bachelor Dropper Post

If you're familiar with Chasing Epic and the companies we work with, you know that we like partnering with smaller, home-grown bike companies looking to grow with us.  Last winter we connected with Aaron Kerson, the owner and founder of PNW Components, and had some...


Bike Check: Ibis HD3

Being the owner of a mountain bike company, I get a lot of questions from customers and friends about which bike is the best.  Of course, it depends on what you like to ride, where you like to ride, and how you like to ride...


Product Review: Issi Trail Pedals

Issi Trail Pedals: Short-term Review   I was recently given an opportunity to ride a pair of brand new Issi trail pedals, and wanted to give my short term impressions so far.  Under full disclosure, I did not receive these pedals in return for a review: I...