What To Expect

We get it, most of our clients have never been on an all-inclusive, guided mountain bike adventure like what we offer at Chasing Epic.  We get questions all the time about the kind of riding we do, what to expect each day of a trip, and how things work.  Well, you’re in luck…. we’ve got videos for you!


In April 2017, we hosted BKXC (of YouTube fame) and his fans on a private trip in St. George, Utah.  Brian (BKXC) is known for his unique and personal take on mountain bike videos, and he documented the entire four day trip for his followers.  He did such a great job with the videos, that we decided to use them to show you what to expect when you ride with Chasing Epic.  And don’t worry, the cliffs in the video aren’t quite as dangerous as they look!


Day One: Hurricane Cliffs and the JEM Trail Shuttle

Day Two: Gooseberry Mesa

Day Three, Part One: Santa Clara Trails

Day Three, Part Two: The Zen Trail

Day Four: Little Creek Mesa