Physical Exertion: Intermediate+   /   Technical Ability: Advanced


Moab is truly an outdoor paradise- sitting in the middle of one of the most unique landscapes you’ll ever see, it offers something for just about every type of adventurist.  First and foremost, it’s one of the top mountain biking destinations in the world, making it a must-ride for any hardcore mountain biker.  Before coming to Moab, make sure your technical skills are tip-top, because Moab has trails that humble even the most accomplished riders.  From flowing singletrack to exposed, rocky cliffs that will make your jaw drop, Moab offers enough trails to keep you busy for weeks.

Sitting at the confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers- and between Arches Nat’l Park and Canyonlands- Moab is absolutely spectacular… in a way that’s difficult to describe to someone that hasn’t been.  It’s a rough, rugged landscape; but one that offers challenges and beauty beyond words.  Including world famous trails like The Whole Enchilada, Mag-7, Slickrock, and Amasa Back, the riding here will leave you wanting to come back again, and again, and again.


Moab still offers some legitimate climbing, but most of the terrain is rolling in nature, with shorter, challenging descents and meandering singletrack: that’s what you get when trail builders have to work around some of the most unique rock formations on earth.  For anyone considering Moab, make sure you’re at the top of your riding game- you’ll need every bit of skill to take on the technical trails found here.  We work closely with our local guiding partners at Rim Tours to make sure each ride itinerary will blow your mind, because we expect nothing else in Moab.


Airport Options:  Salt Lake City (4 hrs) – Denver (5 hrs) – Grand Junction (1.5 hrs)



Day One:  On our first day in Moab, plan on meeting at our lodging at 1:00pm to check-in, get a quick introduction and itinerary run-down, and set expectations for an incredible weekend of riding.  Make sure you eat a big lunch before we meet, because you’ll need the energy; on the trails, we’ll handle energy bars, mixes and gels from Clif Bar and Infinit.  We’ll have some time to gear up and get the bikes dialed before we head for the trail, so you don’t need to show up ready to ride.


Our first day in Moab means heading just outside of town for a solid three-hour loop on Klondike Bluffs.  This ride will offer a bit of everything- huge slickrock riding, technical rocky terrain, flowy singletrack downhills, and of course big views.  While not super technical overall, Klondike Bluffs is an awesome introduction to Moab riding.  It’ll knock your socks off, but there’s plenty more to come!  After 14 miles and a moderate amount of climbing, we’ll head back down into town for dinner before calling it a night.

Day Two: After a good night’s sleep, we’ll head to one of the many amazing breakfast places in town (like the Love Muffin) to fill up on a big, hearty breakfast.  Back to the hotel quickly before heading out for a BIG ride…. the Whole Enchilada!  The Whole Enchilada is famous for having an incredible amount of descending- almost 8,000 feet- with a fairly moderate amount of climbing.  Yep, it really is one of the biggest, baddest rides in the world.


 Luckily, we’ll take a shuttle from our hotel up to the highest point… depending on the season, that’s likely to be either the Hazzard County trail head or Burro Pass.  The top of the Whole Enchilada is high-alpine riding at it’s finest:  steep downhills mixed with roots, rocks, and drops.  The Hazzard County section brings us down into the sage brush fields, where the singletrack allows us to rip high-speed turns and enjoy the views overlooking town and the national parks.  Once we hit Kokopelli, UPS, LPS, and Porcupine Rim, you’re in for a treat you won’t find anywhere else in the world.  Technical rock steps, drops, and singletrack will have you talking about this ride for years to come.


 By the time we cruise back into town, today’s ride is one for the books:  35+ miles with almost 8,000 feet of downhill!  A big day like that earns a big meal… we’ll head back to the hotel to shower, then it’s up to the Slickrock area for an amazing catered dinner from our guides at Rim Tours.

Day Three:  After the Whole Enchilada, you’re probably thinking:  what could Chasing Epic possibly do to top that?  We know better- we won’t try to top it on day three, but we’ll show you a different kind of epic in Moab today.  Another killer breakfast downtown- this one likely at a place like Eklecticafe– will get us fueled up for today’s ride.


Today’s agenda?  How about another bucket-list day including classics like Hymasa, Amasa Back, and Captain Ahab?  A quick drive from town, this ride has it all:  mellow (and fun!) climbing, incredible views, and some of the most exciting downhills in Moab.  Don’t believe us?    We’ll start by ascending Hymasa, a purpose-built trail to bring joy to every mountain biker’s face.  Once at the top of the Amasa Back trail system, we can head out to Pothole Arch for other-worldly views (not to mention amazing singletrack) before coming back and hitting Captain Ahab.   The bottom half of Captain Ahab is one of our favorite descents anywhere in the US- it will challenge you and leave you wanting to climb up for another shot- which we can happily do time-permitting!  Today’s ride isn’t nearly as long as the Whole Enchilada, but it’s every bit as fun- the tally for today will be about 15-18 miles and 2000 feet of climbing/descending.

Day Four:  Three full days of riding in Moab has most people pretty worn out and beat, and our crew is probably not much different!  That said, make sure to get up nice and early today, because we’ve got another amazing ride on the docket.  Today, we’ll fuel up on the ride to the trailhead with homemade bagels, coffee, and fresh fruit so we have plenty of time to ride!


On today’s agenda is a half-day of epic riding at Navajo Rocksa fairly new trail system just north of town on the way to Canyonlands National Park.  Navajo Rocks is a clover-shaped system that offers over 16 miles of slickrock trails, and we’re going to explore as much as we can.  For most groups, we’ll plan on knocking out 10-12 miles on the last day, since we like to give everyone time to head home and/or catch flights.  That said, don’t expect anything less than a good, hard ride that will rank up there with the best.  Navajo Rocks has outstanding slickrock trails mixed with huge rock domes, dirt and sand singletrack, and some really fun technical sections will be fun to session over and over.  From here, you can see over into Arches National Park and beyond to the LaSal Mountains, all while riding some incredible (and empty) trails.


 We’ll have everyone back at the hotel to shower and check out by noon, so you’ll have plenty of time for any departure plans you might have.  Another killer trip in the books!  Note: This 4-day itinerary is only an example, each Moab itinerary is custom-designed to the group’s ability, trail preferences, and takes into account current trail conditions.