Physical Exertion:  Advanced   /   Technical Ability: Intermediate


Crested Butte is truly a mecca of mountain biking, and according to some it’s where it all began.  Dating back to the 1970’s, the town of Crested Butte has been at the forefront of the sport, and today it’s at the top of everyone’s bucket list.  With hundreds of miles of trails, almost all accessible from town, there’s enough here to keep even the most avid mountain biker busy for weeks.  Some of the more famous trails are the 401 Trail, Doctor Park, Teocalli Ridge, and Strand Hill.

Crested Butte has two things going for it that make it so unique:  first is the town itself.  One of the last true remaining “locals” towns in Colorado, Crested Butte exudes character and personality from the moment you pull up to the 4-way stop.  There are no traffic lights and you’ll typically see more bikes in town than cars.  Secondly, Crested Butte sits at the intersection of several mountain valleys, which allows you to link trails together very easily.  By doing this, you can do a simple 10-mile ride from downtown, or you can link together multiple trails to create an all-day 30 mile epic ride.  With Crested Butte Mountain Resort recently upping their investment in the lift-served trails on Mt. Crested Butte, this area truly has it all.


By partnering with Colorado Backcountry guides, we’re able to put together amazing itineraries that will have you licking your lips for more.  But beware, the climbs in Crested Butte are for real!


Airport Options:  Gunnison (35 min)  –  Denver (4 hrs)

“Steve is always thinking about how to improve that customer experience and cater it to the things that will put a smile on your face. I couldn’t be happier or more satisfied quite frankly with my Fall trip to Crested Butte, it was truly outstanding. From the hotel, to the guide, to the trail selection and little extras that made it all such an epic experience. I couldn’t recommend this company more, go big go Epic.”



Day One: On the first day of our Crested Butte trip, we’ll meet at the hotel at 1:00pm to get checked in and have everyone introduce themselves.  You’ll have a little time to unpack and gear up before meeting up with our guides to hit the trail.  Unless you have your own personal “feed kit”, there’s no need to worry about any of that since we’ve got you covered with plenty of energy and nutrition from Infinit and Clif Bar.


 Our ride on Day One will start by heading straight from the hotel to hit the Lupine Trail, a gentle climb followed by an amazing twisty descent through aspens and above the Slate River Valley.  Towards the north end of the Lupine Trail, we’ll connect to the newer Gunsight Trail, similar in nature but more of the good stuff.  This will take us down to the valley floor, where we’ll cross over the Slate River and connect to the Lower Loop, a flowy singletrack trail above the river and offering some great views of Mt. Crested Butte.


 At the end of our 10-11 mile ride we’ll stop at the Brick Oven Pizzeria, where we’ll celebrate a great first ride with pizza and beers!  After dinner, we’ll all catch the free in-town shuttle back to the hotel to shower and relax for a couple hours before hitting the sack.

Day Two:  After getting a good night’s rest, everyone can grab breakfast as they please in the hotel restaurant, which serves a great buffet… eat a ton, because we’re going to be on the trails for a long day!  Today’s ride starts with a shuttle to the top of Washington Gulch Road, where we’ll be dropped off at the 403 Trail– a fairly decent climb of 400 feet before dropping down 1800 feet of amazing singletrack to Gothic Road.  Once we hit Gothic Road, we’ll take a left and climb up the road for a bit to the trail head for the world-famous 401 Trail, which will blow your mind. Get ready for a stiff climb for about 30 minutes, before being rewarded with an incredible six miles of downhill with some of the best views you’ll ever see!


Once we reach the bottom of 401, we’ll hit Gothic Road (maybe with a stop for some ice cream in the tiny town of Gothic!) and cruise back into Mt. Crested Butte.  For anyone wanting more miles, we have an optional ride on Snodgrass, which offers another 7-8 miles of sweet (and sometimes steep) singletrack through huge aspen forests and with great views of town and the surrounding peaks.  Today’s ride will be approximately 20 miles with the 403/401 combination, or closer to 28 if you add in Snodgrass.  Our dinner tonight- in town at a local restaurant- will be well deserved!

Day Three: The third day of our trip promises to be epic, so be sure to eat plenty for breakfast this morning!  Our day starts with a shuttle out Brush Creek road to the trail head for the Teocalli Ridge trail: be sure to bring your climbing legs, because it’s going to be a grunt.  Climbing over 2000 feet (with a bit of pushing included), it’s all going to be worth it as the descent is amazing and the views will blow you away.  The morning’s loop is about 12 miles, and will take us a few hours.  After the ride, we’ll head back into town for a bite to eat, and to re-energize so we can take on the afternoon’s ride.


The afternoon ride (always optional, if you’re not feeling it) will be a tour of the below-mountain trails, starting by climbing up Westside and hitting the aptly-named Happy Hour.  This will take us down to the Upper Loop, where we’ll head left and enjoy rolling, rocky singletrack above town while traversing below the ski area. Depending on how everyone feels, we can either drop down into town on Tony’s Trail for an end-of-the-day beer, or we can continue on the fairly technical Upper Upper Trail before pedaling back into town.  Total mileage for the day will be just over 20, with a good chunk of climbing to keep everyone honest.  Since we’re already in town, we’ll head to dinner while everyone is starving, and gorge ourselves on some amazing local food.  The restaurants in Crested Butte never disappoint.

Day Four:  Our last day in Crested Butte will begin a little earlier, so we have plenty of time to get a solid ride in before the trip departure.  Get up a little bit earlier and fuel up; your legs are probably feeling it on the last day and you’ll need the energy!  After eating, we’ll shuttle out to the main Brush Creek trailhead, where we’ll begin the steady climb up Strand Hill.  It’s a grunt, so settle in and get comfy.  Strand Hill- while fairly short- is one of our favorites thanks to the consistently fun descent, incredible views, and huge aspen groves.  Once at the bottom of the descent, we’ll climb back up the first half of the fire road to hit Strand Bonus, a great 1.5 mile downhill that’s worth the extra 15 minutes of climbing.  This morning’s ride will be about 11 miles with 1500 feet of climbing.


Once we’re finished with this morning’s ride, we’ll head back to the hotel to get everyone showered and checked out.  The trip (sadly) will end by lunch time on the last day, in order to accommodate everyone that has to drive home or catch a flight.  NOTE: This itinerary is for example only, to give customers an idea of what to expect on a standard Chasing Epic trip.  Mileage and actual trail choices may differ due to riding ability, weather and trail conditions.