New Partner Announcement: Industry Nine

As Chasing Epic matures as a company, we're always looking to add value for our customers and improve the overall experience on our all-inclusive trips.  A large part of that experience is the time we spend on the bike (hell, isn't that the reason we're...


Photo Essay: Four Days in Fruita, Colorado

It's been a while since we put together a proper photo essay, so let's get this train back on the tracks!  For our last Chasing Epic trip of the 2018 season, we had a rippin' group of riders join us in Fruita for four days...


Guide Focus: Crested Butte and Fruita

Whether it's on the technical desert trails of Fruita or the high-alpine singletrack in Crested Butte, Chasing Epic clients have been stoked on riding with our lead guides Ben and Janae Pritchett since the beginning.  That's why we thought it was appropriate to kick off...