Physical Exertion: Intermediate+   /   Technical Ability: Intermediate-Advanced


What to Expect in Sedona: Technical singletrack, punchy climbs, tough descents, and out-of-this-world views


Sedona is absolutely beautiful, there’s no two ways around it.  The town sits in a giant valley surrounded by unique red rock formations; the same red rock formations that give it beauty also provide some of the most epic high-desert singletrack riding anywhere.  Sedona has hundreds of miles of trails right from town, and there are trails to satisfy every type of rider.

From the most technical trails you’ll ever see (HiLine and Hangover) to smooth, intermediate-level cruising singletrack, Sedona gives you options to stay busy for weeks.  With such a diverse network of trails- with new stuff being added constantly- it’s imperative to have a local guide with you, which is why we work closely with the lead guides at Hermosa to make sure we’re customizing the experience to our clientele.  Sedona is such a unique destination when it comes to mountain biking, it was a no-brainer to make our final seven.


Airport Options: Flagstaff (45 min)  –  Phoenix (2 hrs)



NOTE: For Sedona private trips, we require groups of eight (8) or more riders.  The more the merrier!



Day One:  For the first day of our trip, we’ll meet around 1:00pm to check in, make introductions, and lay down some guidelines and expectations.  Once we get that out of the way, everyone will have time to unload their luggage and gear up for today’s ride.  We’ll hop on our bikes and ride down to meet our guides at the shop, where we’ll depart for this afternoon’s adventure.  Day one takes us to west Sedona, where we’ll ride the Chuckwagon – Mezcal – Long Canyon loop, about 11 miles of fast, rocky, and flowy singletrack.  This ride is a great introduction to all Sedona has to offer.

Day Two:   Eat a big breakfast because today’s ride is an epic- we’ll be tackling the technical trails of Oak Creek that include classics like Slim Shady, Templeton, HiLine and Baldwin.  These trails are quintessential Sedona- super technical, challenging, and absolutely beautiful at the same time.  The trails circle Cathedral Rock and offer views you’ll write (or text) home about. 


About midway through the ride, we’ll stop and refuel with Clif Bars and some snacks, to get ready for the second half of the day where we’ll push the technical limits of our riding (all the while staying very safe!) on HiLine and a few other area classics.  All told, this loop will put in about 18 miles with 1500 feet of climbing.  But don’t worry, because in Sedona every mile is equal to two anywhere else in the west.  Trust us, you’ll know what we’re talking about after a couple of days!

Day Three:   After refueling with a hearty dose of French Toast and coffee, it’s time to hit the trails again. Today we’ll head back over to West Sedona for a much bigger loop including the Aerie, Dawa, and Chuckwagon trails.  West Sedona is one of our favorite places to take clients thanks to its combination of amazing views, singletrack, and challenging technical features.  This ride will be no different, as we’ll experience it all in the course of our 15 mile ride.


We’ll serve up an optional ride that afternoon, hitting the TeaCup trails right in town.  These trails offer short stretches of very technical and challenging terrain, and are always evolving thanks to the Sedona trail building community.  There won’t be a ton of mileage for the afternoon/evening ride (likely about 6-7), but it’ll wear you out nonetheless.  After we head back to the hotel to clean up and relax for a bit, dinner will be in downtown Sedona this evening.

Day Four:  After a quick breakfast, we’ll hop in the shuttle to head south of town to ride the Twin Buttes Loop.  This 8.5 mile loop is a great “capper” for the trip, as it offers a few add-ons (if the legs can handle it) but otherwise is a great loop with plenty to keep everyone happy.  We’ll be riding on Sedona’s sandstone version of slickrock, along with stretches of singletrack and rocky, technical fun.


Sadly, the trip has to end- and today it does.  We’ll wrap up our ride just after lunch and head back to shower and pack; we’ll be finished by 1:00 (Phoenix is an easy 2-hr drive south) to give everyone plenty of time to catch flights or start driving home.  NOTE: This itinerary is for example only, to give customers an idea of what to expect on a standard Chasing Epic trip.  Mileage and actual trail choices may differ due to riding ability, weather and trail conditions.